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Amazing Kids! of the Month for October, 2003: 
Amazing Young Published Authors, Mrs. Freeland's 2nd Grade Class, Maclay School, Tallahassee, Florida!

An arial view of the Maclay School campus,
Tallahassee, Florida

Quotes of the Month: 

"It makes me feel like WOW. I'm in a book. Its so awesome..."

Elizabeth, age 8
Amazing young published author,
Maclay School
, Tallahassee, Florida

"Putting stories on paper makes you feel like you're a new person and its really fun."

Bruce, age 8
Amazing young
published author,
Maclay School, Tallahassee, Florida

"It's really important to use your imagination and express yourself."

David, age 8
Amazing young published author,
Maclay School, Tallahassee, Florida

"I really like stories, it's fun to use your imagination and draw pictures."

Kinsey, age 8
Amazing young published author,
Maclay School, Tallahassee, Florida

"We try to focus on the 5 steps to good writing: 1. Getting your ideas organized 2. Writing the story. 3. Revising the story  4. Proofreading 5. Publishing. It is fun to see the children improve their writing as they mature."

Mrs. Colledge, creative writing teacher,
Maclay School, Tallahassee, Florida

"When the children publish their stories they really feel like they have accomplished something."

Mrs. Freeland, second grade teacher,
Maclay School
, Tallahassee, Florida

Now that October is here, most kids are settled back into their school routine, busily practicing the three "R's":  Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.  What's amazing about this month's Amazing Kids! of the Month! --second grade students from Mrs. Freeland's class at the Maclay School in Tallahassee, Florida--is the fact that they not only practiced writing in class; they had their stories published in a book!

Read about these amazing young published authors and who knows?  You may be inspired to write your own book or your class may want to publish their stories in a book someday too! 

And don't forget, if you, or a young person (or persons!) you know, has an amazing project you are involved in, or a special skill, talent or ability you want to tell the world about, be sure to let Amazing Kids! know about it!  Teachers are invited to nominate their entire classroom and the amazing projects they are working on too!  Simply complete a nomination form for an Amazing Kid! of the Month award, or email us! 

Table of Contents 

The Story Behind Brain Power
Selections from Brain Power:  Imaginations of a Second Grade Class
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The Story behind Brain Power

Amazing 2nd Graders from Mrs. Freeland's and Mrs. Colledge's class
reading through copies of their book Brain Power 

Something exciting is happening in Mrs. Freeland's second grade class at Maclay School in Tallahassee, Florida.  Each year, her students participate in a special creative writing class with their creative writing teacher, Mrs. Colledge.  Last year, Mrs. Freeland's students got a chance to not only practice their creative writing skills, they got to experience the thrill of writing, illustrating, editing and publishing their stories in a book called:  Brain Power:  Imaginations of a Second Grade Class.

The book was published through iUniverse and the Weekly Reader Press self-publishing program ( These industrious students, proud of their amazing accomplishment, then held a book signing at their school, just like professional authors do!  They even sent a copy to Mrs. Bush, the First Lady of the United States!

Below is a selection of some of their amazing stories from the Brain Power book.  To read the entire book, contact Mrs. Freeland to find out how to purchase your own copy:

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Selections from Brain Power:  Imaginations of a Second Grade Class

Selection from Chapter 1:  Animals
Selection from Chapter 2:  Mysteries
Selection from Chapter 3:  Halloween
Selection from Chapter 4:  Thanksgiving
Selection from Chapter 5:  Christmas

Mrs. Freeland's students hold a book signing for Brain Power!

Selection from Chapter 1:  Animals

Story by Kinsey Grant, age 8

     One night a horse named Blaze was in his stall.  He heard a noise.  He stood up and listened.  Blaze heard it again.  He went out in the yard.  He saw a puppy.  Its name was Indy.  She was lost.  Blaze took her in.  He made her a bed. 

     When it was morning, they woke up.  They went and saw the new foal.  They wanted to be friends.  So they were.  They did everything together.  They loved each other!  They loved playing together too.  They had so muchfun together.

     Now if you find Blaze, you find Indy.

Selection from Chapter 2:  Mysteries

Story by Pepper Baker, age 8

     Detective Penny was in her room thinking about what crime there was today.  The king came rushing in.

     "Detective, my jewels are gone!" said the king.

     "I will be on the case," said
Detective Penny.

     Off she went to find the jewels.

     "Bring the jewels back soon.  I love them," said the king sadly.

     "I will," said
Detective Penny.

     She went to the rainforest.  She looked and looked.  She saw a shadow.

     "Who's there?" she asked.

     "No one," said Louis.

     She went up closer.

Detective Penny shouted.

     There was Louis with a sack.  He had jewels at his feet.

     "The crime is solved," said Penny.

     She ran to the king and gave the jewels back.

Selection from Chapter 3:  Halloween

Story by David Hill Robinson, age 8

     Once upon a time there was a werewolf named Tales (it was because he had two tails).  It was almost Halloween.  The funny thing was he did not know how to trick or treat, which is very unusual for a werewolf, but neither did his friend Pegs.  Pegs was a Frankenstein.

     They were good friends.  They did not want to be lame.  So Tales invited Pegs over to his house.  They made up a game called Trick or Treat--Trick or Treat.  They got better and better.

     When it was Halloween, they were the best.

Selection from Chapter 4:  Thanksgiving

Story by Ben Suber, age 8

     Once a man went hunting for a turkey for his family.  He got his ax.  He found a turkey.  He chased it up a tree.  He could not chop the tree down.  He got his gun.  He shot a branch.  He gave up.

     He went back home for dinner.  He was tired.

     He said, "I'm not hunting again."

     Instead they ordered a pizza.

Selection from Chapter 5:  Christmas

Story by Elizabeth Santoro, age 8

     There was a girl named Lucy.  She was mean all the time.  Then she went to the toy store and saw a doll.  It wore a pink dress.  Lucy liked the doll, but she did not have enough money.  She did not know what to do.

     Then she said, "If I am good, maybe I will get it for Christmas."

     It was hard to be nice, but she kept trying.  When someone fell, she would help them.  When someone had no one to play with, she would play with them.

     Then Christmas Day came.  Lucy woke up and looked under the tree.  There was the doll.  Lucy learned a lesson.  It is better to be nice, than to be mean.

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