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Amazing Kids! of the Month for November, 2007:
Amazing Spinal Cord Injury Survivor and Activist,
Patrick Ivison; San Diego, California

Therpy Camp
Amazing and Able!  Patrick Ivison, age 13

Quotes of the Month

“Focus on your abilities, not your disability. We all face challenges in life and it's how you handle those that will determine the strength of your character. Here's a quote I heard but I don't know who said it 'Don't be afraid your life will afraid it will never begin"

“I would love to have that ability to help others. My Mom says that even if you don't have money you can still help other people by giving them your time and your talent.”

Patrick Ivison, age 13
Amazing Spinal Cord Injury Survivor and Activist

"We believe in hope and therefore we believe dreams do come true."
Jennifer Kayler (Patrick Ivison’s Mom)

November Amazing Kid! Of the Month:

Author and Educator William A. Ward had said “Adversity causes some men to break, others to break records.” Patrick Ivison definitely belongs to the second group. He has never let his disability stop him from doing the things he loves most to do. He not only plays a variety of wheelchair sports and participated in the US Open Surfing Championship this year, he is a spinal cord injury activist, raising money and awareness for this important cause.

Read Patrick’s inspiring story and get a glimpse into the amazing power of positive attitude and courage! We hope this story will inspire you the way it has inspired us here at Amazing Kids! May it encourage and motivate you to follow your dreams and passions, and to never give up in your efforts to overcome any personal challenges you may face in your own life. Remember: “Keep your eyes on the prize!”

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About Amazing Patrick
Patrick’s Dreams for the Future
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Patrick in Action
Amazing Patrick in Action!

About Patrick

Patrick was only fourteen months old when he was hit by a car and suffered a C4 incomplete spinal cord injury. He has been using a wheelchair since then. But the injury hasn't hampered his spirit. In fact, he says “I feel blessed to have survived my accident. I don't think that my life would be nearly as fulfilling if I hadn't been injured.”

          Patrick catching some Waves!
Patrick Catching Some Waves!

Patrick started surfing when he was 8 years old. His mom was initially skeptical but soon they had an opportunity to meet Jesse Billauer who encouraged Patrick. Since then Patrick became involved with an organization called Life Rolls On. And now, he volunteers at their events and is also one of their ambassadors. Their goal is to raise awareness about spinal cord injury research and also to offer support and hope to newly injured people. This year Patrick had an opportunity to participate in the US Open of Surfing during the Life Rolls On “Expression Session”.

Patrick had this to say about the event - “It's hard to put into words what an amazing experience that was. It was my 13th birthday and I will never forget it!”

Surfing is not the only sport Patrick plays. Thanks to the amazing work of the
San Diego Adaptive Sports Foundation, which coordinates adaptive sports for individuals with a permanent physical disability, Patrick plays on a year-round sports team called the San Diego Hammer. They compete in wheelchair basketball, soccer and quad rugby which is his favorite. They practice two times a week and compete in out of state tournaments. His team has been like a family to him. His team also participates in a week long wheelchair sports camp and they play several adaptive water sports like water skiing, kayaking and canoeing along with court sports like basketball, soccer and rugby. These sports have played an important role in his life.

“Wheelchair sports have given me the confidence and taught me how to compete and win or lose to have fun trying your hardest. I think playing wheelchair sports is the most important thing you can do if you have a disability.” he says.

Apart from Jesse Billauer, Patrick credits his family especially his mom and his sister Samantha for his success. Their support has been the most important thing for him.
Patrick with his mom and sister at black tie affair  Patrick and his Sister at the beach
              Patrick with his mom and sister at black tie affair             Patrick and his sister at the beach

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Patrick’s Dreams for the Future

Amazing Patrick Hard at Work
Amazing Patrick Hard at Work

Patrick wants to be a teacher when he grows up. He has been a motivational speaker for the past 3 years and says that he would “love to be able to help other people realize that you only get one shot at life and no matter what your situation is, it is important to make the best of it.” Another goal for Patrick is to compete in Quad Rugby at the Paralympics possibly in the year 2012

He also wants to be as independent as possible. He is at present undergoing therapy and he is working towards his goal of continuing to further his recovery. “I just keep trying to get as well as possible.” he says.

Patrick is undergoing physical therapy at Project Walk in Carlsbad, California. Patrick’s therapy at Project Walk is completely supported through the fundraising efforts of “Help Patrick Walk” ( The progress has been encouraging but the treatment is expensive. The family is looking to raise $90,000 for the same. To know more and to donate visit

Keep up the great work, Patrick! You are an inspiration to us all!  

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Read more about Patrick, a Life Rolls On Foundation Ambassador on the Life Rolls On website:

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Visit the website of the San Diego Adaptive Sports Foundation, to learn more about the wheelchair sports team Patrick plays on:

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