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Amazing Kids! of the Month for December, 2001: 
Amazing Future Singing Stars, USA!
Joey Pearson, age 10

Quotes of the Month:

“It's so cool to have friends & family care so much about me. They help me to stay strong and always remind me to follow my dreams!”

Jessica Salinaz, age 12
Amazing future pop singer

"I just love to sing."

Joey Pearson, age 10
Amazing future pop singer

Joey appearing with Jenny Jones, 
in her television Christmas special

This month, Amazing Kids! features some amazinging talented kids as the December 2001 Amazing Kids! of the Month.  These young rising singing stars have been featured on tv shows, in music CDs and have won talent competitions such as Ed McMahon's Next Big Star.

Read about and follow the links to listen to some of their amazing performances, and who knows?  If you love singing too, maybe you'll be inspired to enter some singing competitions yourself! 

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Some Amazing Talented Young Sngers

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Some Amazing Talented Young Singers

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional singer?  The kids featured below have not only dreamed about it, they are working hard to make their dreams come true.  Each of these talented kids featured below practice singing many hours a week, and make public appearances where they are able to practice not only singing skills, but performing skills.  And they have entered competitions, too!

Each of these kids have competed in the kids music portion of the television show, Ed McMahon's Next Big Star, or in the show's online competition. 

The weekly finalists for the competition are listed on the tv show's website here:

Below are some of the amazing young singers who have appeared in competition on the tv show or in The Fall 2001 Contest:

Jeannie-Marie - Jeannie-Marie won show #120.  Way to go, Jeannie-Marie!  Check out her winning performance.


Jeannie Marie has been performing live since she was in kindergarten!  She has performed the national anthem at hockey and football games and she started formal voice training when she was just 8 years old.   She has also appeared at the Apollo Theater in New York, where she was selected to appear on the Next Big Star tv show. 

You're on your way, Jeannie-Marie!

Jessica Salinaz, age 12 - Jessica won show #119.  Way to go, Jessica!  Check out her winning performance.


Jessica Salinaz has been singing onstage since she was 3 years old!  In addition to appearing on the Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star tv show, she has also appeared on the “Jenny Jones Show.” 

Keep up the great work, Jessica!


Below are the amazing finalists for The's online Contest 6.  They all did a great job!  Congratulations to all! 

Joey Pearson - Check out Joey's winning performance for Contest 6 here!
Kiersten A. McGeahy
Morgan West
Nicole Leona Rosedale
Tiffani Isaac


Joey Pearson is the winner for the online Contest 6. Way to go, Joey!


Joey has also appeared on the Jenny Jones Christmas television special.

Joey has also appeared in several live peformances at such places as:

The Celebrity Kids Luncheon in Hollywood.

Adventure City Theme Park in Anaheim, California

The 2001 NoHo Theatre and Arts Festival in Hollywood:

In May, 2001 Joey sang the NATIONAL ANTHEM for the San Diego Adult Baseball
league and was a guest announcer for the league!

Also in May, Joey appeared at ADVENTURE CITY THEME PARK in Anaheim, and at
Wherehouse Music in Encinitas, for the CD release party for the nationally released THE BEST OF TALENTED KIDS!

April 7, 2001 Joey sang at the Amazing Kids! fund raiser, Kids Helping Kids at Universal Studios Hollywood.  He was introduced by Samaria Graham from the TV show Providence.

For those of you who would love to hear Joey perform live:

Joey will be at Adventure City Theme Park in Anaheim, California, on December 8. 

In addition to Joey's monthly showcases at Adventure City, Joey will be attending an Awards Banquet on December 14 for Kids Talk TV.

Joey is currently working in the studio to record his full length CD set for release Spring 2002.

Listen to audio clips of Joey singing:

Preview Joey's DEMO - "Could've Been" -made popular by Tiffany:

Preview Joey's version of "Good For Me" made popular by Amy Grant:

Joey's resume:

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Ed McMahon's Next Big Star tv show

The Fall 2001 Contest

Joey Pearson's website

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