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Amazing Kids! of the Month for December, 2002: Amazing Gospel Singers, Raleigh, North Carolina!
The Third Generation, amazing young gospel singers
with their parents, Priscilla and Gregory Cade

Quotes of the Month: 

...At the same time, they are just kids who like to run and play and have dreams for their future. 

Gregory Cade,
amazing father of The Third Generation singers

Congratulations to our December Amazing Kids! of the Month winners, the amazing Cade brothers and sisters, a family of gospel singers who call themselves "The Third Generation." 

These talented group of six siblings, ages 9-13, are not only accomplished singers; each plays, or is learning to play, a musical instrument too!  They have performed all over North Carolina and in New York City and even performed for pop singing legend Michael Jackson!  Read their story below, and who knows?  You just might "catch the spirit" too, and start singing in your own Gospel group!

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The Third Generation
The Amazing Cade Kids
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The Third Generation
Keeping the faith:  the amazing Third Generation

The Cade family has long had a tradition of singing in their church and performing Gospel music.  They are actively involved in their church and according to their parents, Gregory and Priscilla Cade, they are a family who "serve their community and the Lord."

The Cade six brothers and sisters are: LaSheryl Fitzgerald, age 9, LaFrancis Danielle, 10, LaTodd Antwann, 11, LaToya Latize, 12 and Gregory Matthew and LarTey Ontario, both 13.

Two years ago, they decided to form their own gospel singing group and called themselves "The Third Generation," since they make up the third generation of Americans in their family.

It didn't take long for the group to get noticed for their singing talent.  In addition to singing at their church, the First Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, they began peforming at conferences, in concerts, on tv and live at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York!

Here is a list of some of their performances and appearances:

  • Peformed, and placed in the competition, seven times at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York.  In three of the competitions, they won first place!
  • Performed at the inauguration of North Carolina Governor Michael Easley in 2001
  • Appeared in concert with Jeff Majors, nationally known harpist
  • Performed for Michael Jackson, international pop star
  • Featured on Channel 13 television in New York City
  • Have been special guests several times at the Mother AME Zion Church, the oldest Black church in the state of New York
  • LarTey was featured on the television station WTVD Channel 11 in Durham, North Carolina
  • Appeared on a program with Attorney Johnnie Cochran
  • Performed on a program with Attorney Wilie E. Gary
  • Featured on a program with Shirley Caesar and Reverand F.C. Barnes
In addition to these appearances, they have received recognition from U.S. Senators John Edwards and Jesse Helms of North Carolina, Governor James Hunt Jr. of North Carolina, and even received a proclamation from the honorable Paul Coble, Mayor of the City of Raleigh, North Carolina proclaiming November 12, 2000 as The Cade Family Day!

Being in a successful Gospel singing group may take up a lot of time, but the Cade sisters and brothers still manage to find the time to be involved in several other activities, along with being dedicated students and active members of their church.

Below are some brief introductions to the Cade kids. As you'll read, though they are talented gospel singers, they are actually just a bunch of regular kids too!

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The Amazing Cade Kids

LaSheryl Fitzgerald Cade, age 9, back-up singer

LaSheryl is a fourth grader at Leesville Elementary School.  The youngest of the Cade children, she is a vital part of the singing group!  LaSheryl keeps busy at First Baptist Church as a youth reporter, an usher and attends Sunday School regularly.

LaSheryl enjoys reading, sewing, cooking and learning how to play the piano at the Community Music School.

LaFrancis Danielle Cade, age 10, back-up singer

LaFrancis is a fifth grader at Leesville Elementary School.  She shares her personal warmth and love of people in both her school and church.  LaFrancis serves on the Usher Board and welcomes visitors at First Baptist Church, and also finds time to be a youth reporter for the Church Newsletter. 

LaFrancis enjoys reading, writing, cooking and traveling.  In between all of her amazing activities, she is learning to play the violin at the Community Music School.

LaTodd Antwann Cade, age 11, lead singer and saxophone

LaTodd is a sixth grader at Carroll Middle School.  Not only does he play the saxophone for the Third Generation, he also plays in his school band, and on Saturdays he is busy at the Community Music School. 

LaTodd enjoys the art of entertaining and in addition to his singing talent, he loves acting. He also has a great sense of humor!

LaToya Latize Cade, age 12, back-up singer

LaToya is in the seventh grade at Carroll Middle School.  She is an active member of the First Baptist Church and serves on the Usher Board.  On Saturday afternoons, you will find her taking piano lessons at the Community Music School. 

LaToya has a wide range of interests including math, traveling, and shopping.  She hopes to be a cardiologist (a heart doctor) some day!

Gregory Matthew Cade, age 13, drums

Gregory is a seventh grader at Carroll Middle School.  He has a love for percussions and plays drums for the Ward-Ingram Gospel Choir each Sunday morning.  He is always interested in furthering his technique and takes drum lessons at the Community Middle School. 

Gregory enjoys collecting insects and hunting.  He hopes to be a veterinarian when he grows up.

LarTey Ontario Cade, age 13, keyboard

LarTey is a seventh grader at Carroll Middle School.  Since he was nine and his feet could barely touch the organ pedals, LarTey began playing the organ for the Ward-Ingram Gospel Choir at First Baptist Church.  He plays each Sunday morning for the 8:00 a.m. worship service. 

In his spare time, he studies piano at the Community Middle School in Raleigh, North Carolina.  LarTey enjoys traveling, hunting and dogs.

Way to go, Cade kids!  Keep up the amazing work!  We'll be sure to watch for you on tv!

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