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Amazing Kids! is proud to highlight the Amazing Kids! of the Month!

Each month, we showcase kids who are accomplishing amazing things. We hope that by telling their special stories, we will inspire other kids to accomplish their own amazing achievements.

Amazing Kids! of the Month for December, 2006:
Amazing Young Mountain Climber; Big Bear Lake, California

Amazing Jordan Romero, age 10;
preparing to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Quotes of the Month:

“Do what you want. Always follow your dreams. Look into the future and know that you are going to do it.”

“It (climbing the mountain) made me feel fit and healthy. I become kinda famous and that is fun. Inside me I feel like I can complete all the seven summits.”

“I really want to visit all the seven continents before I am 15. I have also want to visit every state in the U.S. before I am 25. I just love to explore. I think it is in my blood.”

~Jordan Romero, 10, Big Bear Lake, Calif.

December's Amazing Kid of the Month:

This month we shine the spotlight on amazing Jordan Romero, an adventurous 10-year-old boy who recently became the youngest person to climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa in three days.

So put on your hiking boots and get ready to be inspired, as you read about Jordan's remarkable accomplishments and his future goals!

Don't forget: If you, or a young person (or persons!) you know, has an amazing project you are involved in, or a special skill, talent or ability you want to tell the world about, be sure to let Amazing Kids! know about it! Simply complete our Amazing Kids! of the Month award online nomination form, ( or email us!

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Amazing Mountain Climber Jordan Romero
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Amazing Mountain Climber Jordan Romero

After learning about Mt. Kilimanjaro in his fourth-grade social studies class, Jordan Romero decided he wanted to travel to Africa to climb the mountains highest peak. When he asked his dad, Paul Romero, an adventure travel guide, if he could do it, the answer was “Yes!”

“He said yes, but said that I must train very hard,” says Jordan. “I did and the rest is history!”

Jordan traveled to Africa with his father and stepmother Karen Lundgren to conquer his goal. He joined local guide Samuel Kusamba and climbed the 19,339 foot-high peak in just 72 hours.

Amazing Jordan at the summit of Mt. Kilamanjaro!

“Summating was my best (memory),” Jordan says enthusiastically. “I will never forget that. It was the happiest time of my life.”

Since accomplishing his goal, Jordan has been featured in newspaper articles and on television. He said his future goals include traveling and climbing more mountains. He said he hopes to visit all seven continents before he turns 15. So far he has traveled to five. He also said he would like to visit every state in the United States before his 25th birthday.

“I just love to explore,” Jordan adds. “I think it is in my blood.”

The 10-year-old said he would encourage other kids to do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

“Do what you want and always follow your dreams,” he advises.

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