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Amazing Kid! of the Month for February, 2008:
Amazing Young Fund Raiser, Kennedy Jet Kulish, Founder, Kisses for Kaeden; Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Amazing Kid! of the Month, February 2008, Kennedy and her brother Kaeden.
Kennedy and her brother Kaeden.

Quotes of the Month

“Just because you are young doesn't mean you cannot do something. You can help in so many ways. If you get an idea, just do it. Ask your family and your friends for help. If you really want to make a difference and help someone then do it because YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Kennedy Jet Kulish, Age 10
Amazing Fund Raiser and Founder, Kisses for Kaeden

February's Amazing Kid! of the Month:

This month we present the story of Kennedy Jet Kulish of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who has always believed that she can make a difference in the world. Her brother's illness inspired her to do something to help other children who are in need of medical care. She has raised more than $45,000 for different organizations and has received the President's Gold Volunteer Service Award from President Bush himself.

We hope that her story of passion, heart and
self-confidence will inspire you to use your own gifts to help others in need.

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Table of Contents

Amazing Kennedy and Kisses for Kaeden
Awards and Achievements
Kennedy's Role Models and Future Plans
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Amazing Kennedy and Kisses for Kaeden 

 Amazing Kid! of the Month, February 2008 - Kennedy Jet Kullish with President Bush
Amazing Fund Raiser and Founder, Kisses for Kaeden
Kennedy Jet Kulish, age 10, with President Bush

When her baby brother Kaeden had three open heart surgeries before his 1st birthday, six year-old Kennedy was very moved. She asked her mom and dad to have a special first birthday party for him, where everyone could bring donations instead of presents.

Kennedy asked the stores in her community to help with food, drinks and the venue. She sent out handmade invitations for the event and managed to collect $2,000. All the money was donated to Penn State Children's Hospital to help other children who needed treatment.

“It was a lot of work getting everything ready for Kaeden's birthday party but it was so cool when I gave the money we raised to help others like him” says Kennedy.

She was so encouraged by the success of the event that she started a non profit called Kisses for Kaeden. Since then she, along with her Kisses helpers aged 7 – 14, have had several fund raisers like lemonade stands, bake sales and Chinese auctions along with monthly teddy bear collections.

“Each time we do this we have so much fun and make new friends. Its so cool. I want to do this because I can.” she asserts.

She has collected more than $52,000 for American Heart Association, Children's Miracle Network and Make a Wish Foundation.

“I feel blessed to have my baby brother with me, to be his big sister and to play with him everyday but I know that some families aren't so blessed. The three organizations that I help work with the families of these children to get the medical equipment they need and to pay for the bills when they don't have enough insurance,” she explains.

In October, 2007, Kennedy got to personally meet President Bush and she received the President's Gold Volunteer Service Award from him!

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Awards and Achievements

Amazing Kid! of the Month, February 2008:  Kennedy and her Kisses for Kaeden friends.
Kennedy and her Kisses for Kaeden friends.

Amazing Kennedy's dedication to community service has led her to receive not one, but three Presidential Gold Service awards!  She has over 2100 documented service hours between the Presidential Council, Points of Light Foundation and United Way Organization. She also received the title of Pre-Teen of Pennsylvania Jr. 2006-07. She paged for State Senator Noah Wenger all day at the Pennsylvania State Capitol at age 8, and again at age 10.

In addition to her amazing record of community service and fund raising, Kennedy is a well-rounded student who participates in a variety of other activities.  She is a Honor roll student and has been a Girl Scout for 5 years. She loves tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop dance. She also plays the violin in her school orchestra and is a member of the chorus.

An avid athlete, Kennedy is a football cheerleader and competes in cheer competitions both in Pennsylvania and out-of-state.  She is also a member of her school girls' basketball fall team, as well as a catcher on the girls fast pitch softball team (she was even invited to throw the first ball at the Lancaster Barnstormers opening game, and had the honor of serving as the Harlem Globetrotters ball girl!!!)

Kennedy is the only 4th grade student in her school so far to have received the Presidential GOLD fitness award

Her Role Models and Future Plans

Amazing Kid! of the Month February 2008, Amazing Kennedy
Amazing Kennedy

She considers her baby brother as her biggest inspiration. She also looks up to Henri Landswirth, the founder of Give Kids the World. “He was treated badly in the Nazi camp when he was a little boy and had to suffer a lot but instead of being angry he saved his money and started 'Give Kids the World' for children with heart defects and special needs. He is one awesome special man!!!!”

Another special person in her life was her friend Mattie. “He was the bravest and strongest. Although he fought MDA all of his life he spoke to everyone, wrote poems and made everyone feel so good even when he was in such pain. His MDA made him go to heaven when he was only 14 years old and we need to find a cure for that and so many other diseases so that other Matties don't leave us so early.”

She is hoping to be a Jr. volunteer firefighter when she is 14 and when she is older she wants to be a great cake decorator and have her own busy cake place called "Kennedys Kisses & Kakes."

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