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Amazing Kids! of the Month for April, 2002: 
Amazing Boy Scouts, Gardnerville, Nevada!
Amazing Eagle Scout Jeff Lambin in front of a Kids Kart 
built by him and his fellow Scouts in Troop 495

Quote of the Month:

"I believe that if you have a dream, you need to go forward and follow your dream. Kids can do anything that they put their mind to do."

   Jeff Lambin, age 14
Eagle Scout and Humanitarian

Have you ever had to stay in the hospital?  It can be a scary and lonely experience sometimes, especially if you are a kid. 

Amazing young Eagle Scout, Jeff Lambin and his fellow Scouts from Troop 495 in Gardnerville, Nevada understand this. They know how kids in the hospital love to have special games and activities to keep them from getting lonely or bored. 

This month, Amazing Kids! is proud to shine the spotlight Jeff and his scout troop!  Read their story below and see why Jeff and his amazing Scout Troop 495 are this month's featured Amazing Kids! of the Month.

Table of Contents 

Amazing Boy Scout, Airplane Pilot and Humanitarian
Kids Karts
Grandma's Loving Example
In His Own Words:  Jeff's Story
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Amazing Boy Scout, Airplane Pilot and Humanitarian

Eagle Scout Jeff Lambin and his amazing helpers

14 year old Jeffrey Lambin is an an eighth-grade home-schooled student who lives in Gardnerville, Nevada.  Boredom isn't a word in Jeffrey's vocabulary; he's too busy with all of his many activities to ever get bored! 

Besides learning to fly Piper Cherokee airplanes at age 12, Jeff is active in the Boy Scouts, the Carson Valley, Nevada Young Chautauqua, theater, skiing, hiking, and climbing.  Jeff is a member of Boy Scout Troop 495, sponsored by Trinity Lutheran Church in his home town, and has earned the Boy Scouts of America’s highest advancement award:  the Eagle rank!  Only two percent of all Boy Scouts attain the Eagle rank, and rarely at such a young age!

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Kids Karts

Jeff has earned over 50 merit badges as well as several honors and awards. To attain the Eagle honor, a Boy Scout must earn 21 merit badges, including 12 significally required by category and complete a service project that benefits the church, community or school.  One of his favorite activities is working with his fellow Boy Scouts and his sister on his special community service project he created called “The Kids Kart.”

Scouts building a Kids Kart for a hospital 
in Fallon, Nevada (for the cluster leukemia kids). 
It was delivered on February 14, 2002. 

Kids Karts are 6’ x 4’ wooden pediatric carts filled with crafts, games, puzzles and other educational items to keep kids busy while staying at the hospital.  Originally, the goal of his project was to build two Karts, but after he delivered both Karts to the hospitals, he was so touched by the response of the kids that he built three more Kids Karts for the remaining hospitals in Northern Nevada! 

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Grandma's Loving Example

Jeff got the idea from his amazing grandmother, Mary Perina, who inspired him with her dedication and volunteerism, working at the Hinsdale Hospital in Hindsdale, Illinois.  For over 25 years, she has been bringing in a pediatric cart to the children staying at the hospital.  This is what Jeff's Kids Karts were modeled after. 

A young girl at the hospital enjoys a trip to the Kids Kart
built by Jeff and his fellow Scouts

Jeff's entire project took over 14 months to complete, but Jeff is not finished yet!  He has promised to stock these Karts for the following 12 months!  Jeff’s Karts are at: Carson Tahoe Hospital, Carson City, Nevada; Barton Memorial, South Lake Tahoe; St. Mary’s Hospital and Washoe Medical Center, both in Reno, Nevada; and Churchill Community Hospital, Fallon, Nevada.

Jeff's story has been featured in several 
newspapers and on his local tv news!

Jeff has won several awards, including: A Channel 8 (Nevada tv station) "Hometown Hero" (2001); a Channel 5 (Nevada tv station) "High Five" award: a Channel 26: "Young Volunteers;" an RGJ "Hall of Fame," and Jeff was recently selected as a "Prudential Spirit of the Community" (2002) winner for his project.  Jeff will soon travel to Washington, DC for an awards ceremony! 

Way to go, Jeff!  You and your fellow scouts can be proud. Keep up the amazing work!

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In His Own Words:  Jeff's Story

"My brother was in and out of the hospital with asthma and bronchitus with nothing to do.  I decided that all hospitals needed a Kids Kart for the kids in the hospital.  I wanted to do something for all the kids that have to be in the hospital, afraid and lonesome for their family. 

"I want kids to use their time effectively while staying at the hospital, to be able to learn something new. By keeping your hands busy, it keeps your mind off of being in the hospital, and keeps you from being scared.

"I've created five carts, four in Northern Nevada and one in Northern California. As an Eagle Project, the boy scouts in Troop 495, Gardnerville, NV helped me to build the wooden carts. My sister Rachael did all the artwork on the sides of the Karts.   Each Kart is different and has the theme of the hospital on them."

"I am very proud to have built so many Kids Karts with the help of my family and my fellow boy scouts and girl scouts.... I thank my grandma for her help in direction too. I believe that if you have a dream, you need to go forward and follow your dream. Kids can do anything that they put their mind to do."

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