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Amazing Kids! of the Month for April, 2007:
Amazing Young Skydivers, Kayla and Justin Tinucci;
Lone Tree, Colorado

Amazing Kids' Skydivers!
Amazing Young Skydivers, the Tinucci siblings and parents

Quotes of the Month:

"Skydiving has brought me closer to my little brother. We sometimes fight, but since we started to skydive together we have learned to respect each other and we have become better friends.

~ Kayla Tinucci, 11

"Learning to skydive has helped me learn team work because on the two ways, it takes team work to make sure that I don’t fall on my sister. It has also made me very strong because I always have to fight the winds to stay balanced."

~ Justin Tinucci, 8

I have always been pretty shy, but skydiving has helped me to be more outgoing, especially because any time I am in the wind tunnel I feel like I am performing for an audience (there are always a lot of people there watching), so I have gotten to feel a lot more comfortable in front of a lot of people

~ Kayla Tinucci, 11

April's Amazing Kids! of the Month:

Have you ever dreamed of flying? We know some kids who really do fly! Take a look at our April Amazing Kids! of the Month story below and get ready to be amazed as you read about two adventurous young skydiving siblings, Kayla and Justin Tinucci.

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Table of Contents

About Kayla and Justin Tinucci
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About Kayla and Justin Tinucci

When SkyVenture’s Colorado wind tunnel opened in 2006, two young kids, Justin and Kayla, aged 8 and 10 respectively, became exposed to a unique hobby, particularly for children. SkyVenture’s indoor skydiving tunnel in Colorado is not only the first all weather wind tunnel in the world, it is also the only of its kind that works with children like Justin and Kayla themselves. After their first time to SkyVenture, both fell in love with the thrilling sport of skydiving and knew it was an activity they wanted to pursue.

Kayla at SkyVentures
  Kayla sit-flying at SkyVenture on her 11th birthday

Justin Tinucci belly flying at SkyVentures

Justin Tinucci flies on his belly at SkyVenture

Soon, they joined the Kids’ Tunnel League, the only organization for young skydivers in the world. Because of the challenges involved with skydiving including balancing in the wind tunnel, Justin and Kayla say the instructors have been wonderful in helping them become more proficient. Some instructors are also involved in training the flight team at the Air Force Academy, and one is female, in fact, the only certified female skydiving instructor in the world. Although the siblings have only been involved with indoor skydiving for approximately one year, their achievements have been tremendous. Justin is possibly the youngest person to successfully sit fly as well as knee fly, which are incredibly difficult, as many adult skydivers are incapable of doing so after hundreds or even thousands of jumps. Furthermore, Justin and Kayla are told to be the youngest skydiving duo and placed first in the competition held at SkyVenture, beating many pairs who have been skydiving for many years.

Kayla at SkyVentures
Amazing Kayla and Justin Tinucci flying "rodeo style"

In addition to being an exhilarating sport, skydiving has also been an immensely rewarding experience for the siblings. Through working with other children in the league as well as the instructors, Justin has learned the importance of team work. Kayla has become better at non-verbal communication due to the fact that talking is not an optional method in the wind tunnel because of the noise level of the winds. In fact, when in the wind tunnel, one must wear earplugs and a helmet for safety reasons and rely on gestures and body language as means of communication. The kids have also become closer as brother and sister through their experience and are now better friends and have more mutual respect. Despite of their youths, they are strong-willed and determined to achieve even more in the future. Justin hopes to go to the Air Force Academy for college as well as become a member of its flight team. Moreover, he wishes to become the youngest head down flyer. Kayla wishes to attend the Olympics should skydiving become an Olympic sport. In addition, she would also like to someday become the best female skydiver and instructor in order to help other children who share the same passion of skydiving to reach their dreams.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Tinucci, Kayla and Justin's mother:


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