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Amazing Kids! of the Month for June, 2005: 
Augies Doggies Rescue, Franklin Park, Pennsylvania
Augusta Delisi, Augie's Doggies
  Amazing Dog Rescuer Augusta Delisi, age 15
Quotes of the Month

"The two puppies were amazed with the world around them, despite all the pain and suffering they had been through. They sniffed the rabbits and said 'hi' to everyone, running side by side as happy as could be. They stayed together everywhere they went (as you can see in the picture!) They taught me to enjoy every moment I have with the ones I love and to enjoy life to it's fullest. They had been through so much, but helped each other pull though.

"When people say I can't save all the animals, I say I can try."

Augusta Delisi, age 15
Founder of Augies Doggies
Franklin Park, Pennsylvania

Welcome to our June  Amazing Kids! of the Month story!  June is the beginning of the summer months and a great time for outdoor fun and activities for families--and their pets.  If you don't have a pet, but are thinking of getting one, this month's story is for you!

Read about how one amazing and determined 15-year-old girl, Augusta Delisi, is following her passion for helping dogs by running her own dog rescue effort called "Augies Doggies."  Who knows?  You may be inspired to help rescue some animals too, or adopt a rescued animal from a local animal shelter for your own pet.

And don't forget, if you, or a young person (or persons!) you know, has an amazing project you are involved in, or a special skill, talent or ability you want to tell the world about, be sure to let Amazing Kids! know about it!  Teachers are invited to nominate their entire classroom and the amazing projects they are working on too!  Simply complete our new online nomination form for the Amazing Kid! of the Month award, or email us! 

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Augies Doggies

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Augie's Doggies

Amazing Augusta with one of her rescued pups

Augies Doggies Rescue, located in Franklin Park, Pennsylvania, is an all breed dog rescue started by a caring and resourceful girl named Augusta Delisi when she was just 12 years old!  She wanted to save the lives of animals who would otherwise be put to sleep ("euthanized") in animal shelters.  Since 2001, amazing Augusta (now age 15)and her Augies Doggies Rescue operation has so far rescued 60 dogs from being put to euthanized.  Her love of dogs and her passion for helping save them has moved her and her family to drive anywhere from 2 to 6 hours away to save the lives of dogs in shelters!

Augusta's brother Noah and Augusta in front of their "rescue SUV"

How It All Began:

At the age of 12, Augusta saw a posting on , a national pet adoption website, announcing that eight dogs at a shelter in West Virginia, were about to be put to sleep ("euthanized.") Augusta immediately went to work, arranging for the shelter to send the dogs to the Washington County Humane Society and enlisting her father's help to drive her to the shelter to get the dogs.

She was able to find homes for them in the Pittsburgh area, and thus Augies Doggies was born!

In March, 2005 Augusta and Augies Doggies rescue drove 3 hours away to Millersburg, Ohio and rescued two puppies from the Holmes County dog pound. The two pups are now looking for homes. Visit the Augies Doggies Adoption Page for more info on how you can adopt these puppies or another dog.

Amazing Augusta with one of her rescued pups at a dog shelter

From time to time, Augusta holds fundraisers to help support Augies Doggies work.  You can read about their planned fundraisers and dog adoption events for 2005 in their "Upcoming Events" page on their website. In addition to information on how you can adopt a dog from them, the Augies Doggies website has a "How to Help" page which lists other ways you can help Augies Doggies in their mission to rescue dogs.

Their website also features contact information for local shelters they have worked with in Ohio, West Virginia and Virginia, an  "Augie's Doggies" video and a lot of adorable photographs of dogs they have rescued or which are up for adoption! For inspiration, readers can read their "Happy Endings" page for stories of successful rescues/adoptions by Augie's Doggies.  Finally, there is a moving poem written by Augusta called "Shelter Dog."

When Augusta occasionally receives advice from well-meaning people concerned that she's taken on more responsibility than she should, she doesn't let it slow her down.  Augusta says:  "When people say I can't save all the animals, I say I can try."

Amazing Kids! salutes you, Augusta and your amazing work with Augies Doggies.  It is said that dogs are "man's best friend;" but you certainly are the best friend a dog could ever have!

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