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Amazing Kid! of the Month for June, 2008:
Bianca Ryan, Amazing Young Singer, Musical Talent, Actress and Winner of America's Got Talent 2006; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Amazing Musical Talent Bianca Ryan, age 13
Amazing Kid! of the Month Bianca Ryan, Amazing Young Singer and Musical Talent; winner of America's Got Talent 2006!

Quotes of the Month

"Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of being up on stage performing and seeing people smile and enjoying themselves."

Bianca Ryan, Amazing Young Singer

 “Bianca Ryan is potentially one of the best singers I have ever heard in my life.”

Simon Cowell, American Idol

“This young girl’s voice is so extraordinary and so mature and you just don’t see this kind of talent very often.”

David Foster, Grammy Award Winning Record Producer 

Our June 2008 Amazing Kids! of the Month:

It isn't every day that we hear the kind of voice that simply takes your breath away, so be prepared to catch your own breath when you listen to and read about our June 2008 Amazing Kid! of the Month, 13 year old Bianca Ryan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her story on how she and her parents discovered her musical gift, and how she rose from anonymity to world renown is truly inspiring. Read Bianca's story and our exclusive interview with her below, and be prepared to be amazed!

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    Amazing Young Singer, Musical Talent and Actress,
    Bianca Ryan

    Amazing Bianca in one of her amazing and passionate singing performances
    Amazing Kid! of the Month, June 2008, Amazing Young Singer, Musical Talent and Actress Bianca Ryan, age 13

    Bianca Ryan’s dream to become a singer became real two years ago, when she was only 11 years old.  She first auditioned for the television talent show Star Search on a whim. Her dad Shawn Ryan admits he didn't realize the true breadth and depth of Bianca's musical talents until that first completion. The producers and judges called him into the room after she auditioned in a private audition room. They asked if he realized the extent of Bianca's talent...and at first, he thought they were kidding with him. In turn, the producers thought he must be joking with them, since they had never heard such a voice on an 11 year old girl!

    The result: Bianca's father realized just how talented Bianca truly was, and he supported her as she began to audition for other competitions in earnest. Finally, it was her audition for the first season of America’s Got Talent, a television show and talent competition in 2006, that crowned Bianca as the world-class musical talent she is known for today all around the world.

    After giving the performance of her life live on America's Got Talent, Bianca dazzled the audience and judges alike with her incredible and wonderfully versatile voice and won the competition, hands down! This 11 year old singing dynamo was awarded the unheard of cash prize amount of one million dollars and a five CD recording contract with Sony!  That night, millions of people in the United States and around the world heard and fell in love with Bianca’s powerhouse of a voice. Incredibly, several videos of Bianca's America's Got Talent performances on the YouTube website, one of the world's most popular video sharing websites, have gotten over 40 millions views over the past two years!

    After her big win, Bianca's career took off and her schedule became quite full. Bianca was invited to go on tour in Europe, singing for a European audience for the first time. Last summer in 2007, she traveled to 29 U.S. cities on a summer tour with Disney artists Aly & AJ, Corbin Bleu, and Drake Bell of Nickelodeon.

    Amazing Kid! of the Month Bianca Ryan, age 13 with Disney Kids Talents Aly and AJ

    Amazing Bianca with Disney Kids Talents Aly and AJ

    During the holiday season, Bianca had the honor of performing at Christmas at the White House in Washington D.C. for President Bush and his family.

    Amazing Kid! of the Month Bianca Ryan, Amazing Musical Talent with President Bush and family after her Christmas performance at the White House

    Bianca Ryan and President Bush and the First Family
    after her Christmas performance at the White House

    After her stop at the White House, she made her Disney Christmas Day Parade debut singing the "Princess Medley" while walking down the castle steps at the Disney Christmas Day Parade.

    Amazing Kid! of the Month Bianca Ryan, Amazing Young Singer and Musical Talent Posing with the Disney Prince and Princesses at Disneyland

    Amazing Bianca with the Disney Princes and Princesses
    after her singing debut in the Disney Christmas Day Parade

    Despite Bianca's full schedule, Bianca has a caring heart and always manages to find time to participate in special charity events. For example, she was invited to perform with Jennifer Holliday at an Operation Smile benefit which helped raise money for medical operations for children born with cleft lip. Bianca participated in a special Build-a-Bear charity event, both volunteering and singing for the event in order to help raise money and support for the building of a playground for underprivileged kids. Most recently, Bianca has joined Amazing Kids! as our first-ever Celebrity Youth Ambassador. (See below for more details!)

    Amazing Kid! of the Month Bianca Ryan, Amazing Young Musical Talent performing with singing legend Jennifer Holliday for a charity event for Operation Smile

    Singing Sensations Bianca and Jennifer Holliday singing their heart out
    at a special charity event for Operation Smile

    Amazing Kid! of the Month Bianca Ryan, Amazing Young Musical Talent appearing at a Build-a-Bear charity event to help build playground for disadvantaged children

    Amazing Bianca appearing at a Build-a-Bear charity event
    to help build a playground for disadvantaged children

    This coming July, 2008, Bianca will be appearing on the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN). She will also be appearing in the "V Show"in Las Vegas for a month this summer as well as heading out on another summer tour. She is also looking forward to another European tour in November/December where she has been asked to perform at the lovely Vienna Castle, among other historic sites in other European cities.

    Despite her fame and full schedule, Bianca continues to enjoy activities that any typical 13 year old might enjoy. "I like to hang out with my friends, chat online with my friends, ride my bike, swim, play basketball, and joke around with my brothers and sisters.” Bianca is also a talented actress and is hoping to build her acting as well as singing career in the coming months and years.

    Amazing Kid! of the Month Bianca Ryan, Amazing Musical Talent with her amazing and supportive family

    Bianca with her amazing mom and siblings

    Most importantly, Bianca is blessed to have a very close-knit, loving family and supportive parents, who give her a solid and stable base at home. This kind of loving support enables young talents of growing celebrity like Bianca to go out and meet the world, and all that fame can bring, with confidence and a good head on her shoulders.

    We wish you all the best in your musical career, Bianca!

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    Amazing Kids! Interview with Amazing Bianca

    AK: When did you first become aware of your singing voice?

    Bianca: I was about 7 years old when I noticed I could hold a tune. I sang in my church choir on Sundays, but never tried to stand out vocally. I came out of my shell when I auditioned for a television show called Star Search when I was 8.  I was in an audition room with a lot of other kids. The producers told us we each had 10 seconds to show them what we could do. I was so inspired by the courage of all the kids auditioning before me that when it was my turn to sing, I just gave it everything I had!  After I sang, all the other kids in the room gave me a standing ovation. I knew right at that second that this was the gift that God gave me. It was a wonderful experience.

    AK: What are your favorite songs to sing and why?

     I really have so many songs that I love. I love R&B, Rock, Gospel, and country music. Strange as it is, my favorite songs change from week to week. ;D LOL.  My favorite music to sing right now is Gospel. If I had to pick one of my own songs, I would choose one from my CD called “Superstar” because a lot of kids can relate to wanting to be on stage and in the spotlight.  Another special song is on my EP and called, “That’s Not Me.” Most kids in school can relate because it is really about the peer pressure all around you. The song encourages you to be yourself and not what others want you to be. 

    AK: Describe your practice routine.

    Bianca: My practice routine varies according to my tour schedule. Most of the time, I do vocal warm-ups and vocal exercises for about an hour a day. Then, I usually sing for another hour or two. However, if I have a show that night, I only do the warm-ups and exercises.

    AK: What is the best part of being on tour?

    Bianca:  The best part of being on tour was meeting so many new people and seeing so many places. During a European tour, I’ll never forget a walk down the streets of Vienna with my dad. He stopped and grabbed both my hands and said, “Can you believe we are walking through the streets of Vienna? How many people get a chance to do this in life?”  That is when it really hit me that I have been so blessed to get this opportunity. I must also mention that Vienna was beautiful!

    AK: In five years, what do you see yourself doing?

    Five years from now, I see myself singing, writing music, involved in anything that has to do with music. I  can also see myself having my own Disney show or something similar because I really love to act. I have been in a few theater shows and really enjoyed them. I have a passion for writing. I have written my own show with the help of my little sister, Isabella. We are constantly coming up with funny ideas that we videotape and show our friends.   

    Bianca: Is there anything about Bianca that would really surprise people?

    You may have heard of people who walk in their sleep. I actually sing in my sleep. I have been doing this since I was a baby. I have been known to sit up and in full voice sing songs. Then, I lie down again and do not remember doing this. My dad says that I’m a freak of nature but he means that in a good way hehe….

    AK: Do you have any advice for other kids who have a dream?

    You have to really believe in yourself and never ever give up. Once you figure out what your gift is or what you want to become in life, talk to the people you trust. Do everything you can to get your parents, teachers, or guardians to help you develop and pursue your dream.  If You Can See It, Then You Can Reach It. Before all this happened to me, I would stand in front of my mirror and sing into a hairbrush. I would see myself on stage in front of thousands of people. Although it happened much sooner than I expected, my dream came true! 

    I have a saying that I like to use a lot. In fact, Converse Sneaker Company made me a pair of sneakers with the words on them:


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    Bianca, Amazing Kids! Youth Ambassador and Launch My Dream! Contests Judge

    Bianca, Amazing Kids! Celebrity Youth Ambassador!

    We are delighted to announce that Bianca has recently joined Amazing Kids! as our Celebrity Youth Ambassador!

    In her work with Amazing Kids!, she will be helping to spread the word about the Amazing Kids! mission of helping kids discover and realize their own amazing potential. She will be telling kids about the new Amazing Kids!' initiative, "Launch My Dream!" ( in which Amazing Kids! and collaboration partners will work together to gather the resources kids' need to launch their own amazing dreams, just as amazing Bianca has done.

    Bianca To SIt on Panel of Judges for Amazing Kids! Contests!

    Bianca will be one of the judges for our upcoming video and music contests which will launch in late June. For the video essay contest, kids will be invited to upload essays and videos of themselves describing their vision and dream for their own amazing future. Voting will be open to the public, and the panel of judges will select the winners from the top 10 public favorites to be part of the Launch My Dream! initiative. Amazing Kids! will help gather the resources the kids need to launch their amazing dreams! Those kids will also be the first to appear in the new Launch My Dream! television show, currently in development!

    Bianca will also serve on the panel of judges for our Launch My Dream! Theme Song music contest. The purpose of the contest is to help discover the next musical talent who will compose the Theme Song contest for our upcoming Launch My Dream! television show!

    The contest winner will work with a celebrity musical talent and producer as their mentor, who will help the winner develop their song for our television show! The result: their song will appear as the theme song in the Launch My Dream! television show...and their amazing dream for their future career in the Music Industry will be launched!!!

    For more information about the upcoming contests or the Launch My Dream! television show, please contact us at:

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    Links to Bianca's Website and Amazing Music

    Link to Bianca Ryan's website Bianca's website:
    Link to Bianca's America's Got Talent winning performance on YouTube Video of Bianca's America's Got Talent winning performance on YouTube:

    Bianca's performance with Jennifer Holliday on YouTube Video on YouTube of Bianca performing with Jennifer Holliday):
    Link to Mackenzie Bart's website Buy Bianca's songs on iTunes:

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