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Amazing Kids! of the Month for July, 2003: 
Amazing Young Wrestling Champ, Compton, California!
Amazing Young Wrestling Champ Joey Davis, age 9 

Quote of the Month: 

"What I like most about wrestling is that it's an individual sport.  You can't blame anyone for fumbling.  You win or lose on your own merit."

Joey Davis, age 9
Amazing young champion wrestler

Hard work. Dedication. Focus. Perseverance.  These are just some of the reasons for the amazing success of this month's Amazing Kids! of the Month winner, 9 year old Joey Davis from Compton, California. 

Read Joey's story of his wrestling successes below and see if you think you might want to try your hand at wrestling too.  Remember, you will never know if you can do something unless you try! 

And don't forget, if you, or a young person (or persons!) you know, has an amazing project you are involved in, or a special skill, talent or ability you want to tell the world about, be sure to let Amazing Kids! know about it!  Teachers are invited to nominate their entire classroom and the amazing projects they are working on too!  Simply complete a nomination form for an Amazing Kid! of the Month award, or email us! 

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Amazing Joey
Joey's Winning Matches
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Amazing Joey

Ever since the age of 6, when his dad introduced him to the sport, 9 year old Joey Davis has loved wrestling. Being from a family of wrestlers has had a big influence on Joey!  Joey's older brother Brandon was on the wrestling teach at Compton High School, and Joey's dad Joey Davis Sr. was a wrestler at Roosevelt High in Gary Indiana, later at Cerritos College, and more recently was the wrestling coach at Compton High. 

Joey knows just how fortunate he is to have such an amazing role model and mentor in his life.  In his hometown of Compton, Calfornia, there are many kids who aren't so lucky to have someone like Joey's dad in their lives to help them reach their dreams.  (Fittingly, his dad was recently honored with the title of "City of Compton Male Role Model of the Year 2003!")

Amazing Joey with his cousin Charles Malone, 
age 12 (left),  and his dad

Thanks to the help of his dad as well as his own amazing innate athletic ability, in just a few short years, Joey has racked up over 120 winning wrestling matches, including the Triple Crown at the California USA Wrestling meet in 2003.  Amazingly enough, in all of his competitions he has attended, he has lost only 5!  See below to see some of the matches he has won. 

Joey with his World Runner-Up Trophy

Most recently, Joey won the Gold medal at the California State Games at Patrick Henry High School in San Diego. He is now qualified to compete in the National State Games in Connecticut.  He is now actively looking for a sponsor to help cover the airfare to Connecticut.  If you know anyone who can help Joey pay for his airfare to Connecticut, please email his father Joey Davis, Sr. at:

Amazing Joey doesn't just excel at wrestling; he is also a talented football player and track runner too!  He is the quarterback for the Compton Titans.

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Joey's Winning Matches
Joey with his amazing teammates! 

Below are some of Joey's winning matches, with the titles and categories he has won:

  • July 20, 2003; California State Games at Patrick Henry High School in San Diego.  Joey won the Gold medal!
  • July 3, 2003; National Greco Wrestling Tournament Results: Joey's team took 5 and placed 5 into All American status with some of the best wrestlers in California and Regionals!  Joey was their only finalist. Joey took 2nd place, losing in the finals 3-0. Joey is now a 2-time All American!
  • Super Tournament: 

  • 1st Place 
    Joey Davis 
  • Folkstyle State: 

  • 1st Place 
    Joey Davis 
  • CAGWA finals 

  • 1st Place 
     Joey Davis 
  • Reno World: 

  • 2nd Pl 
    Joey Davis 
  • California Freestyle State: 

  • 1st Pl: 
    Joey Davis 
  • Greco State: 

  • 1st Pl 
    Joey Davis 
  • Western Regionals 

  • Freestyle 
    2nd Pl 
    Joey Davis 
  • Western Regionals 

  • Greco 
    2nd Pl 
    Joey Davis 

Keep up the amazing work, Joey!  We'll be watching for you in the Olympics!

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California Age Group Wrestling Association (CAGWA)

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