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Amazing Kid! of the Month for July, 2008:
Shali Jonzun, Amazing Young Terrestrial Radio Talk Show Host; Daytona Beach, Florida

Amazing Young Terrestrial Radio Talk Show Host, Shali Jonzun, age 11
Amazing Kid! of the Month, July 2008:  Shali Jonzun, Amazing Young Radio Show Host

Quotes of the Month

“The advice I have for other kids who may want to get involved in a career in radio is: follow your dreams, set goals, work hard, and don't let people discourage you.  Because when people say that 'you're too little', or 'you can't do that', these are people who may be either jealous of you, or just don't believe that big heroes can come in small packages."

“Celebrating youth leaders is important because their ideas and inventions can make a difference in our communities, improve our lives, and change the way the world thinks for the better.”

Shali Jonzun, Age 11,
Host of Jonzun Radio Kids and America's
youngest terrestrial radio talk show host

Our July 2008 Amazing Kid! of the Month:

While Shali Jonzun, now age 11, first began working on his parents' radio show, he came to realize that most of the stories about kids and teens we hear about in the media focused on 'negative and unlawful behavior'. Shali wanted to start a show that showcases positive role models for young people and gives them 'a place to talk about their concerns and ideas.' Out of this desire to help, Shali decided to put the focus on the positive when it comes to kids, and with the help of his loving and supportive parents, created Jonzun Radio Kids. His radio show, which airs on WPUL 1590AM (Daytona Beach, Florida) and streams worldwide on the Internet during scheduled show times (, can also be heard on-demand 24/7 on his website The show reaches a land coverage area that represents a population of approximately 875,000+ people.

Read more about Shali and his amazing story below, and you just may be inspired to start your own radio show someday!

Don't forget: If you, or a young person (or persons!) you know, has an amazing project you are involved in, or a special skill, talent or ability you want to tell the world about, be sure to let Amazing Kids! know about it! Simply complete our Amazing Kids! of the Month award online nomination form, visit our AKOM nomination information page ( or email us!

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    Amazing Young Terrestrial Radio Talk Show Host, Shali Jonzun

    Amazing Young Radio Host Shali Jonzun, at work in the studio
    Amazing Kid! of the Month, July 2008:  Shali Jonzun, Amazing Young Radio Show Host

    Shali Jonzun, at age 11, is America's youngest terrestrial radio talk show host. He is the owner and host of the international talk, music, and entertainment radio show, Jonzun Radio Kids, and co-host of the international all-star music talk show Audition Radio.

    Before starting his own show, Shali was no stranger to radio and the music & entertainment industry. He was born into a famous family in the Music and Entertainment Industries; for example, his late Granddad, Ray Vernon Johnson Sr. was a pick-up musician for Ray Charles & B.B. King. His uncle, Maurice "The General" Starr is a Multi-Platinum Hit Producer/Writer, and his late uncle, Dr. Arthur C. Rayford was a Master Visual Artist. Thus, Shali was very fortunate to learn from such amazing role models and mentors, which gave him a wonderful opportunity to explore his talents at an early age.  

    "I consider my mentors to be God of course, and my parents, because you can always trust them, and they'll never let you down. My dad Michael Jonzun, is Host of Audition Radio (where I got my very first break on-air), and a Multi-Platinum HitSongwriter, Recording Artist (Jonzun Crew), and Record Producer who has sold well over 200 million records, videos, and DVDs world wide, and my mom, Cheryl Levittan is a Public Relations professional and co-host of Audition Radio. Between the two of them, with their lifetime of experience, and our family's faith in God, this is what has helped me to be who I am today," he says humbly.


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    Jonzun Radio Kids

    Shali's his start in radio at age 9 on his parent's show, Audition Radio, as a Production Assistant and Co-Host.  After 15 months of never missing an Audition Radio show, waking up at early hours to be on-air, diligent preparation, research, observation and work, in September of 2007, at age 10, he got his "big break" on WPUL 1590 AM (Daytona Beach, Florida ) to go solo with his own show, Jonzun Radio Kids.  Despite Shali's busy schedule. he continues to work and appear on Audition Radio in the same capacity. It was during that initial 15-month period of working on his parent’s show, Shali noticed that in general, most talk shows and news programs talk about kids, tweens, and teens, but not with them; and usually the discussion focused on negative or unlawful behavior.  Shali decided to give a voice to kids, tweens, and teens.

    “Think about it: there are approximately 75 million kids in America under the age of 18; that's 25% of the United States population.  Now, think about how many stories in the media you see of kids achieving. What’s wrong with this picture? Jonzun Radio Kids --whose slogan is: "The Voice of Young America," gives kids, tweens, and teens a chance to be heard for achieving, and a place to talk about their concerns and ideas.  I want to encourage kids to get involved in their communities and the world, and to let them know they don't have to make bad choices to become famous," he says explaining about the show.

    And thus he started Jonzun Radio Kids. The show airs on WPUL 1590 AM out of Daytona Beach, Florida, and their signal reaches a population of approximately 875,000 people, streams worldwide, and is available on-demand 24/7 at: Shali's guests have included several high achieving and famous youngsters along with plenty of kid-on-the-street interviews with kids of all ages on different topics of interest to young people and adults doing positive things for kids. Shali recently interviewed Alyse Rome, Founder and President of Amazing Kids!, and Patrick Ivison, Amazing Kid! of the Month, November 2007, and Mr. Stan Lee, Creator of Spiderman, Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk. To read more about and listen to the interviews click here:, or for consideration to be a Guest on the show, email the show's producers at:

    Shali's interview with Patrick Ivison will be posted on the homepage of Shali's website in the coming days:

    Amazing Kid of the Month, July 2008:  Shali Jonzun, Amazing Young Radio Show Host receiving the United States Congressional Recognition Award from Nevada Congresswoman Shelley Berkley

    Shali receiving the United States Congressional Recognition Award
    from Nevada Congresswoman Shelley Berkley, Feb. 2008

    As a radio Talk Show Host, Shali's amazing achievements have earned him several awards and a whole lot of recognition! He received the United States Congressional Recognition Award from Nevada’s Congresswoman Shelley Berkley in February of 2008. Kenny Kids Magazine honoured him with the title of “Entrepreneur of The Month” in October of 2007. He was invited to speak as an Education Celebration Youth Panelist along with actors Chris Massey of Nickelodeon’s “Zoey 101” &  Disney’s Kyle Massey of “Cory In The House” at the star studded 6th Anniversary Celebration of Fitzgerald’s Hotel & Casino during Black History Month  in 2008. He has been interviewed by several news stations, written about in Hometown News and The Daytona News Journal. He also received front page coverage in the Daytona Times, and countless Internet sites have featured him.

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    Shali's Other Amazing Achievements

    Amazing Kid! of the Month, July 2008, Shali Jonzun, Amazing Young Radio Show Host, Recognized as a 2008 Youth Ambassador at Fitzgeralds' 6th Anniversary/Black History Month Celebration

    Shali was recognized as a 2008 Youth Ambassador at Fitzgeralds's
    6th Anniversary/Black History Month Celebration

    Shali realizes that he is blessed to be born in a famous family and wants to use the opportunity to make a difference. “I’ll never forget what President George W. Bush said in his reply to my letter when I was in 3rd grade, ‘…During this important time in our history, you can help America by setting high goals, working hard in school, and helping others in your community.  Our country needs your hope, idealism, and energy.’” says Shali, describing one of his memorable moments.   (See copy of entire letter from President Bush to Shali here)

    In addition to bringing positive programming to both his community and internationally via the Internet, this past Christmas he did a toy drive and gave away 200 toys to needy kids in Volusia County, Florida. He gives to several charities, has authored over 30 kids books (soon to be self-published and available for purchase on his website), andof course he encourages kids to read because, as his grandmother always told him, "Readers are leaders." He also gets invited to speak at schools to encourage kids to follow their dreams, and has been recently invited to be a member of a Youth Leadership Board in Deland, Florida.

    Amazing Kids! is proud to announce that Shali has recently joined Amazing Kids! as one of our Youth Ambassadors. As an Amazing Kids! Youth Ambassador, Shali will be helping to spread the word about Amazing Kids! and their new Launch My Dream! initiative and related contests.

    Way to go, Shali!

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    Shali's Hobbies and Dreams for His Amazing Future

    When he is not working on his talk show, Shali is a regular 11 year old. He enjoys riding go-karts, writing short stories, playing video games, listening and watching talk shows, roller-skating, road trips, going to museums, theme parks, watching classic movies, sitcoms, and cartoons. He loves to read. He’s read over 1,000 books and received several  reading awards.  “If you want to be a Radio Talk Show Host, you have to read, read, read. You also have to study, inform, listen, be willing to learn, be patient, flexible, and always expect the unexpected (because you never know if you're going to have a technical difficulty).”

    In the future, he plans to expand his show further. “I would like to see Jonzun Radio Kids syndicated so that I can attract even more young people to make a positive change and a difference in our world.” When asked about his future goals, he responded: “My future goals are to continue to be in the media, but expanding my enterprises.  I see myself as owning television stations, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, Internet sites and so on,” he says.

    With his amazing gifts, supportive family and strong faith, Shali is no doubt well on his way to launching his dreams for his amazing future someday! Keep up the amazing work, Shali! We'll be listening...!

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    Link to Shali Jonzun's Jonzun Radio Kids website Shali's website: Shali's show airs on WPUL 1590 AM out of Daytona Beach, Fl, and their signal reaches a population of approximately 875,000 people. It also streams worldwide during scheduled show times, and it's available on-demand 24 hours/day, 7 days a week.
    Email Shali to schedule an appearance at your school
    Shali is in the process of scheduling a school tour, to speak and encourage kids and he welcomes invitations by email request at

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