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Amazing Kids! of the Month for August, 2004: 
Amazing Summer Olympics Historians, Pocantico Hills School Third Graders, Sleepy Hollow, New York!


Quotes of the Month: 

"The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well."

The Olympic Creed

"As we begin our seventh year as Internet publishers we hope we can continue to contribute in a meaningful way to all the Internet has to offer. We have seen our site grow and change as we learn. We are confident that the site will continue to grow and improve. We are convinced that the opportunity to publish in this manner brings authenticity to our student's tasks. Our work has received many awards and the children really enjoy hearing from people who visit. Please let us know what you think."

Terry Hongell
Computer Teacher,
Pocantico Hills School

The 2004 Summer Olympics are here!  Opening ceremonies begin on August 13 in Athens, Greece.  To celebrate this exciting, time-honored tradition, Amazing Kids! has selected the amazing third graders at Pocantico Hills School in Sleepy Hollow, New York and their website project entitled "Summer Olympics for Kids" as our August Amazing Kids! of the Month

These industrious students have put together an amazing collection of information about the Summer Olympics, such as its history, information about each of the Summer Olympics sports (including their own original computer drawings of the sport!), as well as links to facts about this summer's games and fun activities like Olympic Cyberhunts, riddles, jigsaw puzzles and more -- plenty of fun things to do to keep you busy on a hot summer's day!

Read about their amazing website below and follow the link to their website to learn more about the Summer Olympics.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll be inspired to create your own Olympics website, or hold your own version of the Olympics in your neighborhood with some of your friends!

And don't forget, if you, or a young person (or persons!) you know, has an amazing project or a special skill, talent or ability you want to tell the world about, be sure to let Amazing Kids! know about it!  Teachers are invited to nominate their entire classroom and the amazing projects they are working on too!  Simply complete a nomination form for an Amazing Kid! of the Month award, or email us! 

Table of Contents 

The Summer Olympics for Kids Website
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The Summer Olympics for Kids Website

Each year, Terry Hongell, the amazingly dedicated computer teacher at Pocantico Hills School in Sleepy Hollow, New York, helps students from each grade level complete a website project.  Mrs. Hongell, a Franklin Institute Fellow from 2000 through 2003, has been doing this for nearly eight years now, and her students have completed an amazing body of work! 

Mrs. Hongell has inspired her students to do such high quality work that they have received dozens of website awards over the years (including receiving the July 1999 Amazing Kids! of the Month award!)

This year, the amazing third graders at Pocantico Hills selected the Summer Olympics as the subject of their website project, just in time for this summer's Olympics in Greece.  Greece is the country where the Olympics originated in 776 B.C. (nearly 3,000 years ago!)  Their project is called: "Summer Olympics for Kids."

In past years, other Pocantico Hills students have completed their projects on other aspects of the Olympics, such as the Winter Olympics and a Salt Lake City Winter Olympics 2002 Cyberhunt.  Their other Olympics websites are still available on their school website at:

Here is what the 2003-2004 school year's third graders said about their "Summer Olympics for Kids" website project (as printed on their website):

"We've been studying different Summer Olympic sports. With a partner we chose a sport and wrote about it and made an illustration to go along with it. We also made some activities for our visitors to have fun with. We hope you have a good time reading our work and playing our games. Don't forget to watch for your favorite sport on television during the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece."

Here is a list of the topics covered in the students' Summer Olympics for Kids website:

  1. Summer Olympics Events
  2. Vote for your Favorite Summer Olympic Event
  3. Activities
  4. Ancient Olympic Cyberhunt
  5. Scholastic Olympic Cyberhunt
  6. Links to More Information about the Olympics
  7. Awards
To learn more about the Summer Olympics, visit their website at:

If you enjoy their work, or want to recognize their work with another award, be sure to email Mrs. Hongell to let her know!

Mrs. Hongell's email is:

Amazing Kids! congratulates all of Mrs. Hongell's amazing third graders from the 2003-2004 school year!  I know many of us will appreciate watching this Summer's Olympics on television even better now, having learned more about the Olympics, thanks to your amazing website!

Amazing Kids! thinks each of you deserves a gold medal
for your efforts!  Keep up the great work! 

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