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Amazing Kid! of the Month for August, 2008:
Amazing Young "Be Buddies Not Bullies" Anti-Bullying T-Shirt Designer; Culver City, California

Amazing Young "Be Buddies Not Bullies"T-Shirt Designer Gerritt, 11, with his parents and Summit View School Administrators
Amazing "Be Buddies Not Bullies" T-Shirt Designer Garett, age 11, with his parents and Summit View School Administrators

Quotes of the Month

“If kids aren't worried about being bullied, they will be able to learn better in school. They will feel more ‘free’ about being themselves.”

Gerritt, Age 11
Amazing Young Designer of verymeri Anti-Bullying T-Shirt


Our August 2008 Amazing Kid! of the Month:

Bullying is a serious problem in many schools across the nation, affecting thousands of children each year. Last year, the Summit View School, a school for children with learning differences in Culver City, California adopted a unique approach to raise awareness and understanding about this problem. Among other things, it asked its students to design a t-shirt to promote an anti-bullying message. Little did the teachers and students know that the winning t-shirt designed by eleven year old Summit View student Gerritt would inspire an amazing anti-bullying movement that is beginning to spread to schools across America.

Read on to learn how one eleven year old boy was able to tap into his imagination to create a slogan that has been inspiring kids across the country to: “Be Buddies, Not Bullies!”

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Table of Contents

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    button"Be Buddies, Not Bullies"

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    Summit View School's Anti-Bullying Program

    Amazing Gerrittt's "Be Buddies Not Bullies"
    Winning T-Shirt Design
    Be Buddies Not Bullies T-Shirt Design

    Bullying is a common experience for many children and adolescents. Surveys indicate that as many as half of all children are bullied at some time during their school years, and at least 10% are bullied on a regular basis. Children who are bullied experience real suffering that can interfere with their social and emotional development, as well as their school performance. Childhood bullies are more likely to become young adult criminals than are non-bullies. (Source: American Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)

    Last year, Summit View School, located in Culver City, California, started a unique program to tackle the issue of bullying.  The goal was to educate and empower their students to help prevent bullying. First, the teachers had class discussions with students about what bullying meant to them and shared their own experiences with the kids. Then, they introduced lesson plans that helped students understand bullying. The administration at Summit View has integrated many programs into the educational day – ranging from bullying and teasing, to good decision making and acceptance of peoples’ differences.

    “We work hard to deal with the ‘whole child.’ While our emphasis is on specific learning disabilities and acquiring reading and language skills, we acknowledge that students who have these issues sometimes need help in making better judgments and learning ways to cope with regular life circumstances,” says Nancy Rosenfelt, Director of Summit View.

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    "Be Buddies Not Bullies"

    Be Buddies Not Bullies T-Shirts

    The next step was to initiate a t-shirt contest to help kids put their own ideas on paper. The Summit View school used verymeri's t-shirt design contest fund raising process ( to further their anti-bullying theme. All the students were asked to submit ideas for their new anti-bullying school tee. 

    After sorting through dozens of great designs, Gerritt's design, “Be Buddies Not Bullies,” was the unanimous winner.

    “It just came to me.” says 11 year old Gerritt about his simple-yet-powerful design.

    Gerritt’s t-shirt design and its positive anti-bullying message was a standout, and was so inspiring that verymeri founder and CEO Meri Zeiff decided to create an entire anti-bullying movement around it. The movement has been spreading to other schools across the United States.

    The amazing momentum of the Anti-Bullying campaign has been very rewarding for Zeiff.  A former elementary school teacher, Zeiff launched verymeri to counter-balance the negative messages and expressions on clothing she was seeing on the playground.

    “As a teacher, I was incredibly surprised that I never saw clothing that expressed the joyful, whimsical things I was hearing my kids say every day,” says Zeiff, who has a master degree in counseling psychology. “I decided to launch a t-shirt line, using kids’ designs that gave voice to their unending creativity with positive messages, beautiful colors and inspirational ideas.”

    All verymeri tees are designed by kids through t-shirt design contests in schools, camps, non-profit organizations, and online. The winning online designs are then made available for purchase in stores and at Three percent of each verymeri tee sold goes toward supporting Free Arts For Abused Children (, a non-profit organization that provides art services to at-risk children and families throughout the United States.  Schools, camps, and non-profits use their winning designs as fundraisers for their organizations.

    Gerritt and Summit View School will receive a portion of all sales of his "Be Buddies" t-shirt, along with verymeri’s partner charity, Free Arts for Abused Children.   

    “It's been such a positive experience for our child, and we think that the anti-bullying message is such an important one to be encouraged.” say Gerritt's parents about the whole experience.

    To purchase a “Be Buddies Not Bullies” t-shirt, visit the verymeri website at:

    (Editor's Note: verymeri and Amazing Kids! have teamed up for the Launch My Dream! T-Shirt Design Contest, to help raise funding for the Launch My Dream! Initiative. If you are between the ages of 6 and 17 and want to try designing a t-shirt too, check out the contest information page at:

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    The Impact

    The school community embraced the new tee and it is often seen through the hallways of Summit View School and the Culver City community.

    The slogan 'Be Buddies Not Bullies' has had such an impact that other schools and organizations have been customizing their own 'Buddies' tee, complete with their logo, and selling them as a fundraiser.  

    Garrit’s amazing t-shirt design has even managed to create a “buzz” in Hollywood, and television celebrities like Kristy Swanson ("Skating with Celebrities"), Bryan Dattilo, and Ali Sweeney ("Days of our Lives") are supporting the campaign and have been seen wearing the ‘Be Buddies’ tees. The t-shirts were also recently featured on Access Hollywood and TV Guide Channel.

    Bryan Dattilo
    Bryan Dattilo

    Ali Sweeny, Days of Our Lives, with Be Buddies Not Bullies T-Shirt
    Ali Sweeny from Days of Our Lives Shows Her Support
    for Garritt's "Be Buddies Not Bullies" T-Shirt

    Bullying is a serious and pervasive problem in today's schools and it requires a collective effort to overcome the problem. But thanks to Gerritt's t-shirt and the verymeri t-shirt company, students and their families and teachers now have a fun and colorful way to spread the positive message of kindness and friendship to help promote an “anti-bullying” environment in their schools.

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    To buy a "Be Buddies Not Bullies" T-shirt, visit: To buy the “Be Buddies Not Bullies” anti-bullying t-shirt and to learn more about verymeri fund raising programs, visit:

    EducationWorld article on Bullying Read numerous articles about bullying on website, including “Bullying Intervention Strategies That Work”:

    Summit View School website To learn more about the special education programs for students with different learning styles offered by Summit View school, visit:

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    Kids ages 6-17 are invited to enter the Launch My Dream! T-Shirt Design Contest sponsored by verymeri and Amazing Kids!  The winner will have their t-shirt made and sold, and will receive a portion of sales along with Amazing Kids!, to support our Launch My Dream! initiative (, helping kids launch their dreams.

    To learn more or to enter the contest, visit the contest information page at:

    Good luck, designers!

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