by Candice Underwood; age 13, Springer, Oklahoma

I recall when I first saw him; he was all fluffy and all white,
And I knew I wanted him, ‘cause it was love at first sight.
I didn’t know if I could keep him, but Dad said that he could stay.
I took him everywhere I went, and watched him every day.
I kept him in a nice clean box that stayed beside my bed.
I had to keep his water clean and make sure he was fed.
Every day I watched him grow, and then before too long
He was learning little tricks, and learning right from wrong.
He learned to sit and learned to speak, and even how to lay.
But even then it wasn’t hard for him to learn to stay.
Every day I went outside, he’d want to come with me,
Because he liked to run around and bark at all he’d see.
He would like to chase the squirrels wherever we were at.
But we had to teach him that he could not chase the cat.
Now he thinks he owns each place, no matter where he goes.
He barks and growls and carries on, so everybody knows.
Now he thinks that he should have the same things that we eat,
And he turns his nose up to his dog food and his treat.
So I guess from everything I’ve written in this log,
That you know my Snoopy is a spoiled and rotten dog.


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