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Each month, we showcase kids who are accomplishing amazing things.  We hope that by telling their special stories, we will inspire other kids to accomplish their own amazing achievements. 

Amazing Kids! of the Month for January, 2001: 
Amazing Young Digital Photography Artists, Liceo Tasso School, Rome, Italy!
  Digitally altered photograph by Michele Calabrese, one of 
Liceo Tasso's amazing photography students, self titled: "Michele." 

Quote of the month:

"The idea of being able to manipulate an image to our liking, of distorting or altering its original meaning holds a strong attraction for anyone...

"Our creativity is stimulated by the nearly infinite possibilities that digital photography [software] programs offer us.  They enable us to tap into the very foundation of creative experimentation that inspires all art."

Giulio Nicola Soldani,
student at Liceo Tasso (translated from its original Italian by AK!, and
quoted from "Opere in JPEG" on the Liceo Tasso website)

"Fontana" - one of the amazing digital works of art 
by students at Liceo Tasso School in Rome, Italy

Happy New Year to all!  To celebrate the New Year in style, this month, Amazing Kids!  is delighted to showcase the amazing digital photography art of the talented students from Liceo Tasso, a grammar school in Rome, Italy!  Italy is world-famous for its artists and architects (such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli, to name a few!) and its artists have a strong, age-old tradition of breaking new artistic ground.  As you will see in the digital art found on this page, the students at Liceo Tasso are demonstrating their own "cutting edge" budding artistic talent.

Amazing Kids! founder and president Alyse Rome was fortunate to meet some of these amazing young artists when she attended the Global Junior Challenge exhibition and Youth in the Digital Age conference in Rome this past December, 2000.  They showed her their digital artwork on their computer in their booth at the exhibition.

As you look at their digital art below, remember that these images were created by using a computer and digital photography software programs, instead of using the traditional artist's tools (canvas, paints and a paint brush).  Look carefully, because who knows?  You just may be looking at the next Michelangelo!

Liceo Tasso, an Italian Grammar School with a proud tradition

Founded in 1887, Liceo Tasso has had a proud tradition of teaching and supporting the arts for over 100 years. The following images of digital art are the result of the hard work and efforts of the students of one of the school's amazing, dedicated teachers, Professor Salvatore Condoluci, a professor of physical mathematics.  Mr. Condoluci is the director of the school's computer lab, where these amazing young artists created their works of art.

To assist the students in their work, the Computer Science laboratory contains 13 PC Pentium II computers equipped with digital photography software such as Adobe Photoshop, as well as digital cameras, 8 printers, 2 scanners, and 1 graphical tablet. 

In addition, Liceo Tasso's History of Art classroom contains additional multimedia instruments, a photography file, and a library of 700-800 books of Archaeology and History of Art!  Wow!  That's an amazing collection of books!  The school is 113 years old, so of course they've had time to build their collection!

Liceo Tasso's Amazing Digital Photography Artists' Gallery

The following art was created by these amazing budding digital artists: 

Fabio Gandolfi, Veronica d'Offizi, Michele Calabrese, Peter Paul Bertagnolio, Giulio Nicholas Soldani, Simona Carini, Marco Fasanella, Elisabetta Taviani, Silvia Columbo

Want to Know More?  

Links to Liceo Tasso's Website:

(Note:  The Liceo Tasso website is written in Italian.  For a free web translation service, try Alta Vista's "Babel Fish" at:

The art found in this story can be found in the Liceo Tasso student online gallery at:

For a link to their poetry and other artistic works, try:

The Student Area ("Area Studenti") of the Liceo Tasso website contains other cool student created works, such as an archive of their daily student newspaper, chats and forums (in Italian, of course!), poetry, an event calendar, etc.:

The Liceo Tasso home page is at:

For more information, you can email the school secretary at:  

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