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Each month, we showcase kids who are accomplishing amazing things.  We hope that by telling their special stories, we will inspire other kids to accomplish their own amazing achievements. 

Amazing Kids! of the Month for October, 2000: 
Amazing Art Historians, John F. Kennedy High School, Bronx, New York!
 Pop Horse by Alfredo Torres, 
amazing Kennedy High student!

Quote of the month:

"Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

Pablo Piccasso

Rings of Saturn by Vanessa Berrios, 
amazing Kennedy High student!

This month, Amazing Kids!  is pleased to feature some amazing young art historians at John F. Kennedy High School in Bronx, New York!

These hard working teens worked hard over several months to create an award-winning art history website called:  ArtiFAQ 2100.  The website teaches the history of art throughout time, from the ancient to the present, and includes an amazing futuristic art gallery of the students' own works! The students use their own artwork to describe their unique vision of the future.

These amazing teens and their website have been winning a lot of awards and getting a lot of attention from people from around the world!  The ArtiFAQ 2100 website was entered in the Microsoft Beyond 2000 Millennium Competition and won first place!  The Microsoft-sponsored competition challenged high school teams to consider a particular aspect of the future--arts and cultural activities in the next hundred years-- and develop a website focused on graphic arts visions of this future. 

For the Microsoft competition, Mr. Feld's students decided to look back in time to learn about past art history and use its achievements as a way of predicting the future.   As you visit their website and learn about the history of art, ask yourself what you think the future might look like.  Who knows?  Maybe you and your classmates will want to create some art showing your own unique vision of the future...

The ArtiFAQ 2100 Team

Mona Moo - 
an original work of art by Mr. Feld's 
amazing students at Kennedy High School

The amazing students from Kennedy High who were involved in the website project included: 

  • Adalberto Bernabel, Tenth Grade
  • Alfy Noboa, Tenth Grade
  • Felix Tejada, Tenth Grade
  • Daniel Mena, Eleventh Grade
  • Victor Duran, Tenth Grade
The ArtiFAQ 2100 Story...

The students focused on three activities when creating the website:

They wanted to:

  1. Probe the Past
  2. Prompt the Present
  3. Forecast the Future as art advances 
These hard-working students were led by their dynamic and dedicated teacher, Steve Feld.  A former teenage animator and award-winning photgrapher, Mr. Feld currently teaches Art History, Fine Arts, Computer Graphics, Digital Photography and Web Design at Kennedy High School.  Under his steady direction, Mr. Feld's students have won the New York State Learning Technology Grand Championship three times!

ArtiFAQ 2100 Table of Contents

The ArtiFAQ 2100 website is divided into 1O sections:
(Please note:  the following links will take you off the Amazing Kids! website.  Please click on your browser's "back" button to return to this page.)

(Editor's helpful hint!  You must click on and drag the center lines on some of the following web pages to "open" the doors to reveal the information!)

  1. Introduction
    • Premise of Project
  2. Cave Art
    • Prehistoric, Egyptian
  3. Classical Art
    • Greece and Renaissance 
  4. Modern
    • Realism, Abstract Expressionism
  5. Pointillism
    • Impressionism, Cubism
  6. PopArt
    • Futurism, Pop Art
  7. Present
    1. Mona Moo, Millenaire
  8. Quiz
    • Take the Quiz to win the Key!
  9. Forecast (Note: You need the win the KEY to enter this area!)
    • Student Future Art Gallery
  10. Boardroom
    • Microsoft Beyond 2OOO Challenge
  11. IndexPage
    • Click on the columns to take an artistic journey in time...

ArtiFAQ's Future Art Gallery

One of the most amazing sections in the website is the Future Art Gallery, filled with the students' own artistic vision of the future.  But beware!  In order to enter the Future Art Gallery, you must first answer the Art History Quiz!  Once inside, you will see some amazing art by each student.

Here's a list of the art you will see in the Future Art Gallery, once you win the KEY by taking the quiz, of course!

Snake Charmer
by Idalis Diaz 
Midtown Future
by Adalberto Bernabel
Lady Liberty
by Julia Almonte
  by Daniel Mena 
Space Journey in Style
by Felix Tejada 
Desk in Space
by Sanije Nezaj
Pop Horse
by Alfredo Torres 
Recreation Room
by Alfy Noboa 
Future Fireworks
by Ronald Idoko
Rose with a Soul
by Kritzia Gomez 
Butterfly & Book
by Lillian Ivette Herrera
Rings of Saturn
by Vanessa Berrios 

Here are some of the things you can do while visiting ArtiFAQ2100:

  • Take a backward journey through Art History past to predict art, life and society in 21OO. 
  • Identify Art and Design trends past and present, that can be incorporated into a preferrable future.
  • Step into the earliest Caves of Lascaux to see where art began.
  • Explore an Egyptian tomb to find golden treasures. 
  • Go through the Classic Portal to view the Mona Lisa with her original columns. 
  • Move to Modern Art to understand motivations and methods.
  • Peer into to Pointilism to gain new insights into painting.
  • Progress to Pop Art to explore Peter Max and his influence.
  • Quest for the Key to Knowlege. Solve the quiz to win the Key to the Future Art Gallery.
  • View original student visions. Be captivated and challenged by their predictions and listen to enchanting music. 
  • Experience first hand how art can serve as the visual key to past achievements and foster future forecasts and inventions. 
  • Delve into their Digital Divide dissolving efforts through collaboration with FluidArts and the Virtual Africa River Festival. 
  • Be inspired to be part of ArtiFAQ 21OO 
Future Fireworks by Ronald Idoko

Another Amazing Website by Mr. Feld's Students...

Don't forget to check out Mr. Feld's students award-winning site from last year entitled:  "Learning About Leonardo," all about the brilliant Renaissance artist, inventor and all-around genius Leonardo Da Vinci at:

You'll especially want to check out this page on: "Why is the Mona Lisa Smiling?"  You can see Mona Lisa and Leonardo's images morphing!

Want to Learn More? 

Contact Steve Feld, amazing educator at John F. Kennedy High School:


Snail mail:
John F. Kennedy High School 
99 Terrace View Avenue
Bronx, New York 10034 

Phone: (718) 562 5500 

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