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Amazing Kids! of the Month for October, 2001: 
The Welch Sisters and Wash America, Annandale, Virginia!

Quotes of the Month:

"We came up with the idea on a Thursday and that Saturday we had four car washes. Anyone can do it and it makes such a difference!"

Aubrey Welch, age 15
co-founder, Wash America

"In the wake of last week's tragic attacks, I have been deeply touched by repeated evidence of the uniquely American spirit: our grit, our resolve, our unparalleled ability to rally together in the face of tragedy.  Few examples capture this selfless spirit better than the work of the Welch sisters."

United States Representative Tom Davis (R-11-VA)

The amazing Welsh Sisters hard at work 
at one of their Wash America events

We at Amazing Kids! wish to express our deepest condolences to all of those who have been effected by the tragic events of September 11.  While we were disturbed and saddened by the events, over the past couple of weeks we have become heartened by the uplifting stories we've heard of how people throughout the United States and around the world have come together to show their support for those most effected by the events.

We are especially touched by the amazing efforts of the many, many caring children and teens in neighborhoods across America and around the world who have risen to the occasion and organized their own special fund raising events to help the victims of September 11.  It is to all of you amazing kids that we dedicate this month's Amazing Kids! of the Month story.  For everyone of you who are doing their part to help out, we salute you!!!

It is with great pride and admiration for their efforts that we feature one such group of amazing kids as our October 2001 Amazing Kids! of the Month, the four Welch sisters from Annandale, Virginia who have raised over $26,000 so far to help the Red Cross through their "Wash America" car wash fund raisers! 

Read their amazing story below, and who knows?  Maybe you'll become inspired to want to start your own Wash America or similar event to raise funds to donate to the Red Cross too!  In case you do, we've included contact information and some links at the end of the story to help you get started.

Enthusiastic Wash America participants hold up their hand-made posters
to attract more customers to their car wash fund raiser

Table of Contents 

How Wash America Began

Meet the Welch Sisters

How You Can Help -  Wash America Event Information


After the September 11 tragedies at the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, sisters Ashley, Aubrey, Alana, and Alyssa Welch, ages 10-16, decided they wanted to help in some way.  One idea they came up with was to donate blood to the Red Cross. They were especially shaken by the events because their father, Lt. Col. Tracy Welch, had narrowly escaped the Pentagon crash.

But when they went with their mother to give blood, they learned that were too young to be able to give blood.  Luckily, a friend suggested they should try having a car wash to raise money for the American Red Cross. The girls loved the idea, but didn't just stop at one car wash...In just two days, they organized four car wash events in their home town and raised $10,000!

To help them spread the word about the events, they created and distributed fliers and posters, and contacted their local media.

In addition, they have created a Wash America website (  On their website, you can learn more about their efforts,and also find out how you can organize your own Wash America event to help raise money for the Red Cross and their efforts to help those people effected by the September 11 events.

The idea has spread quickly across America, and now there are Wash America events being planned in several states!  You can find out about events near you on the Wash America website at:

The girls and their awesome car wash events have even been recognized by their senators and congressman for their efforts!  U.S. Senator John Warner and Congressman Tom Davis from Virginia were so impressed by the amazing efforts of the Welch sisters that they designated the weekends of September 22-23, September 29-30 and October 6-7 as “National Wash America Weekends.” 

The purpose of these special weekends are to get more kids involved in organizing their own “Wash America” car washes in their home towns. The Wash America website ( has lots of information to show you how you can organize your own "Wash Away the Hurt" car wash event.  It also shows you how you can send the money you raise to the Red Cross.

The girls have been interviewed by many newspapers, television and radio shows.  During the week of October 1-5, they are scheduled to appear on national television on the Oprah Winfrey Show and MTV!

Here is what the official Wash America website has to say about the Welch girls' efforts:

"At a time of terrible loss and devastation, the Welch sisters wanted to show that kids can play an important role in the nation's road to recovery. As a result, they have launched Wash America nationally, hoping to encourage kids throughout the United States to sponsor their own Wash America car washes to raise funds for the American Red Cross…show how much they care…and Help Wash Away the Hurt." 

A group of Wash America volunteers show their spirit! 


Ashley Welch, 16 -- Ashley is a junior attending Annandale High School in Annandale, Va. She is involved in 3 swim teams, school band, cross-country, choir, church youth group, and plays the flute.

Aubrey Welch, 15 -- Aubrey is a sophomore attending Annandale High School. She is involved in drama, church and school choir, soccer, cheerleading, and plays the piano. 

Alana Welch, 14 -- Alana is a freshman attending Annandale High School. She is involved in her church including youth choir, participates on the swim team, and enjoys drawing and photography. 

Alyssa Welch, 10 -- Alyssa is in the 5th grade at Parklawn Elementary School. She participates in the school and church choir, is a school patrol officer, and enjoys swimming and playing the piano.

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Wash America website:

If you live in the U.S., find a "Wash Away the Hurt" car wash event near you:

Register Your Car Wash:

How to Get Started:

What You Will Need (Supplies, etc.):

Car Wash Day - Step-by-step directions for the big day!

What To Do With The Money You Raise:

Wash America Contact Information:


Phone: 202-336-7978.

Red Cross website:

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