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Amazing Kids! of the Month for October, 1999: 
The Amazing ThinkQuest Junior 1999 Contest Winners!
Check out the amazing work of these elementary and middle school 
kids who won special awards for educational website designs! 

This month, Amazing Kids!  highlights the amazing work of the kids from elementary and middle schools across America who won the 1999 ThinkQuest Junior Contest awards!

Each year, ThinkQuest (,  an educational initiative committed to advancing
learning through the use of computer and networking technology. sponsors an International competition in website design for kids ages 12 through 19.  They also sponsor ThinkQuest Junior, for elementary school students in grades four through six.  The contestants are challenged to work in small teams to create their own fun, interesting and educational websites on a variety of different subjects.  Each year, $250,000 in cash and awards are given to the winning teams, teachers and schools of the ThinkQuest Junior competition.

The purpose of the contest is to inspire kids to learn about and become interested in technology and computers, in a way that is both fun and challenging.  (They call this "Internet Style" learning.) This type of learning requires that kids learn how to use the power of the Internet as a valuable tool for gathering information and working together. The amazing websites listed below represent the hard work of teams of kids and their adult coaches.  You won't believe your eyes when you see what these smart, industrious kids came up with!

To learn more about ThinkQuest, and to learn how you can enter the next ThinkQuest 2000 contests, visit the ThinkQuest website at:   Who knows?  Maybe you'll be one of the next ThinkQuest winners!

Amazing ThinkQuest Junior Winners!

Below is the list of the 1999 ThinkQuest Junior winners, found in the ThinkQuest Library at:

You can visit the ThinkQuest library to see the winners from previous years' contests too!  Visit their library at:

To learn how you can participate in the ThinkQuest Junior 2000 contest, visit:  But you better hurry!  The deadline to apply is in January, 2000!

ThinkQuest Junior Winners Table of Contents
(Please note:  the following links will take you out of the Amazing Kids! Webspace to the ThinkQuest Junior contest winners' websites.  To return to the Amazing Kids! Webspace, don't forget to hit the "Back" button on your browser.)

1. Best of Contest Winner
2. Arts & Literature Winners
3. Interdisciplinary Winners
4. Science & Math Winners
5. Social Sciences Winners
6. Sports & Health Winners

ThinkQuest Junior 1999 Best Of Contest: 

Pieces and Creases - A Fun Guide To Origami
Vidor Middle School, Vidor, TX

Other Amazing Winners:

Category: Arts & Literature

Platinum winners: 

Energy In The Air: Sounds From The Orchestra

Gold winners: 

Children's Creative Theater
Hartman Elementary School
Florence Elementary School
Omaha, Nebraska

Silver winners:

Wilson Rawls
Hibbard Elementary
Rexburg, Idaho

Words and Tolkien
Barnstable Middle School
Marstons Mills, MA

Learn To Draw
Poulsbo Elementary
North Kitsap
Poulsbo, WA

Cyberstories: Featuring Facts, Fiction
Penn State
Abington, PA

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Category: Interdisciplinary 

Platinum winners: 

How Our Hawaiian Islands were Formed
Kapolei Elementary School
Kapolei, HI

Journey To New Worlds: Exploration of Space and Hawaiian Voyaging
Aiea Elementary
Moanalua Elementary
King Kaumuali'i Elementary
Waimalu Elementary

Chess for Kids
Oak View School
Gentle Creations
Corvallis, Oregon

Gold winners: 

Adventures At Sea
Lingle Middle School
Rogers, Arkansas

Silver winners: 

Do We Really Know Dewey?
Nettleton Intermediate Center
Jonesboro, Arkansas

Great Inventions and Inventors
North Shore School District 112
Highland Park, Illinois

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Category: Science & Math 

Platinum winners: 

Adventures of Lilo the Green Sea Turtle
Aiea Elementary School
King Kaumualii Elementary School
Aiea, Hawai'i

Gold winners: 

Mars Madness
Enchanted Lake Elementary School
Kailua, Hawai'i

Endangered New Jersey
Heritage Middle School
South End School
Livingston, New Jersey

The Shocking Truth About Electricity
Fairfax, Virginia

Silver winners: 

Project Environment:  Kids In Action
Salford Hills Elementary
Souderton Elementary
Souderton Area
S.D. Souderton, Pennsylvania

Alaska's Blooming Beauties
Interior Distance Education of Alaska

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Category: Social Sciences 

Platinum winners: 

Creatures of the Night and You
Red River Academy

A Pioneer's Journey to the Frontier
Floresville Elementary
Floresville, Texas

Gold winners: 

I Want My NTV!
Litchfield Intermediate School
Litchfield, Connecticut

Fort Ross: A Piece Right Out Of History
North Star Academy
Redwood City, California

Silver winners: 

Ancient Egypt: Stayin' Alive
North Whitfield Middle School
Dalton, Georgia

Aloha Paradise?
Aiea Elementary School
King Kaumuali'i Elementary</font></font>
Kapaa Middle School

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Category: Sports & Health 

Platinum winners:

Yo, It's Time For Braces
The Harry Eichler School - PS 56 
Queens, New York

Gold winners: 

Human Body
Hinkle Creek Elementary School
Noblesville Intermediate School
Noblesville, Indiana

Baseball...and Math
John F. Pattie Elementary School
Rural Retreat Elementary School
Dumfries, Virginia

Silver winners:

Surfing in Hawaii
Lehua Elementary
Pearl City, Hawai'i

Seeing Disabilities from a Different Perspective
North Shore SD 112
Highland Park, Illinois

Jump Into a Healthy Life
South Bristol School
Wiscasset Primary School
South Bristol, Maine

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Want to Know More about ThinkQuest Junior?

Visit the ThinkQuest website to learn more about the  exciting, educational and fun ThinkQuest Junior contest: 

...and good luck!

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