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Amazing Kids! is proud to highlight the Amazing Kids! of the Month!

Each month, we showcase kids who are accomplishing amazing things.  We hope that by telling their special stories, we will inspire other kids to accomplish their own amazing achievements. 

Amazing Kids! of the Month for November, 1998: 
Amazing Artists from Mrs. Mee's 6th Grade Class, 
Encinal Elementary School, Morgan Hill, California

This month we highlight the amazing art work of Mrs. Mee's 6th grade class, 
students from Encinal Elementary School, in Morgan Hill, California.

Introducing Mrs. Mee's Amazing Student Artists...

Over the past several months, Amazing Kids! has highlighted the inspiring stories of some amazing dancers, amazing future astronauts and some amazing future seismologists. 

This month, we celebrate the amazing artwork of a very special group of young artists, students from Mrs. Mee's 6th Grade class!

Mrs. Mee's Amazing Student Artists

Mrs. Mee's amazing  6th Grade class from Encinal elementary school in Morgan Hill, California, has some very talented young artists!  The whole class read about the Amazing Kids! Book Illustration Contest, in which the winner will be chosen to illustrate the children's book: If Nellie BlyCould Do It...  They decided to enter the contest together!

Above is one of the illustrations drawn by Anna Abad, one of several of Mrs. Mee's talented student artists.  The illustration shows Nellie Bly in various scenes from her life.

Read about the Contest
Take a Tour of some Amazing Artwork Created by Mrs. Mee's class
Visit the Amazing Kids! Virtual Art Gallery
Read about the Book's Message

The contest rules state that artists must be between 6 and 14 years old to enter.  Each artist must draw two pictures:  one of the cover of the book, and another picture of the page of the book that inspires them the most.

Artists must also answer 3 questions:

1. Name two amazing things about Nellie Bly. 
b. Why do you think they were amazing? 
c. Think about one amazing thing you'd like to do in your life.
    Describe what it is, and why you'd want to do it.

Of course, you have to read the book to be able to answer the questions!  Special hint:
Have your teacher or parent read the special Note to Parents and Teachers, to find out more details about Nellie Bly, and her amazing accomplishments!

The Special Message of If Nellie Bly Could Do It...

The message of the book is the message of Amazing Kids!: 


It's no secret...every person has the potential to be amazing in their own way.  Sometimes we just need a little help in finding out what our special talents are! 

If you know someone who needs a little encouragement, why not tell them what you think is special about them?  Maybe you can be the one to help them uncover their own special talents!  And please help Amazing Kids! spread the word:

 It's "cool" to be an Amazing Kid!

Mrs. Mee's Amazing Artists

Anna Abad
Angela Heropoulos
Rachell Madsen
Jolene Mullenix
Jamie Schake

Calling All Amazing Kids!  We Need Your Help!

If you are, or know any kids who are, doing amazing things, we want to hear about it

We will try to put your story on the website, or possibly in our educational television program, but please be patient...there are LOTS of great stories out there...but only one"Amazing Kids! of the Month" story per month.  We would love to be able to print everyone's storytoday, but it is not possible. 

Please be patient, and we will do our best to tell your story some day -- hopefully soon! 

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