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Each month, we showcase kids who are accomplishing amazing things.  We hope that by telling their special stories, we will inspire other kids to accomplish their own amazing achievements. 

Amazing Kids! of the Month for April, 2000: 
Amazing Young Recording Artists, Ms. Whitmire's 2nd Grade Class, Franklin Elementary School, Santa Ana, California!
Amazing Ms. Whitmire and her Amazing Young Recording Artists! 

Quote of the month:

"There is an achiever in every kid, no matter how hidden."
David McClelland, Psychologist, Harvard University 

This month, Amazing Kids!  is proud to feature some amazing young recording artists from Ms. Whitmire's 2nd grade class at Franklin Elementary School in Santa Ana, California.  Ms. Whitmire's class practiced very hard to prepare for their recording of the book, If Nellie Bly Could Do It...

Sarai Ramirez, one of Ms. Whitmire's amazing 
recording artists reading her part

Although it was hard work, and took a lot of concentration and patience, amazing Ms. Whitmire's students had a lot of fun reading the book while Amazing Kids! recorded them!  Before they began the "recording session," these amazing students had to practice reading their parts over and over again, until they were ready to be recorded! 

The students had to pretend they were in an actual recording studio.  They also had to practice not making too much background noise, like shuffling of paper, coughing, bumping the microphone, or even giggling!  The microphone was so sensitive that it would record these sounds too!

Then, when it was time to start taping ( in the "recording session"), these amazing students had to read the book over again several times!  These are called "takes" in recording lingo.  After several "takes," everyone agreed that they had enough good ones to "call it a wrap." (end the recording session).

Then Amazing Kids! took the master tape to Maris Racibarskas at PixelDust Studio to be "edited" (choosing the best "takes" and fixing the sound levels) to create the final version.

You can read what they had to say about the recording session by clicking on the students' names below.  You can also listen to their recording, in Real Audio format (you must have the free Real Audio player or browser plug-in, and speakers hooked up to your computer, to be able to hear the recording.) 

Who knows?  Maybe you can start your own recording studio in your classroom too!

Amazing Young Recording Artists!  

The Recording: If Nellie Bly Could Do It...

Click here to listen to Ms. Whitmire's class recording of If Nellie Bly Could Do It.... The recording consists of both solo readers (see below) and Ms. Whitmire's entire class reading the "chorus."

Please note:  the recording is 774k, so please have patience while it is downloading.

The Book

Click here to read a copy of the book If Nellie Bly Could Do It.... while you listen to the recording.

The Recording Artists

Below are the names of Ms. Whitmire's amazing young recording artists who each read a solo part for the recording.  Click on the names with a button to see a picture of them reading their part, and to read  what some of them wrote about their exciting first experience as a recording artist!

Sarai Ramirez
Sergio Sanchez
Jeffrey Chinchilla
Jose Montes
Brian Salgado
Kevin Gonzalez
Manuel Hernandez
Diego Bustos

Click here to see more pictures of Ms. Whitmire's class!

Click here to read Sonia's Journal and see the illustrations for the book, If Nellie Bly Could Do It... Sonia's Journal is being written by Sonia Rode, the 13 year old amazing artist who is currently illustrating If Nellie Bly Could Do It.... 

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