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Amazing Kids! of the Month for June, 2001: 
The World Trust Foundation Youth Ambassadors, Los Angeles, California!

Quote of the Month:

" I would like to suggest that we take our children under our wing, to nurture and educate them
to join forces with other youth from around the world, regardless of geographic location, culture or race."

Tess Cacciatore
World Trust Foundation

Congratulations to our June, 2001 Amazing Kids! of the Month, the World Trust Foundation 2001 Youth Ambassadors for the Environment!  These amazing young environmentalists were chosen by the World Trust Foundation to be their ambassadors because of their dedication to supporting our environment to insure a clean, healthy, safe and beautiful world for all.

The follow is the story about these amazing kids and the World Trust Foundation's work to help give kids like you a voice helping make the world a better place.  As you read it, we hope it may inspire you to get involved in helping save our environment.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll even want to try and become next year's Youth Ambassadors for the Environment!  

The World Trust Foundation gathered together a group of amazing young student environmentalists from Los Angeles, California to create this giant sun "people sculpture" 
for Earth Day 2001! (The photo was taken from an airplane high above!)

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"Creating a World of Difference for our Children" 

The World Trust Foundation ( was founded in 1995 by Tess Cacciatore.  It's mission is to empower youth by giving them a voice on matters of social conscience through the responsible use of technology.

The Foundation is also a content provider which educates, entertains, inspires and connects people of all cultures through the creation and dissemination of content via the new and traditional channels of distribution, including the Internet, television and ancillary product lines.  They produce content and events to connect the world through the conscientious use of technology.  They have created alliances with technology partners to produce programming to impact the world on a global scale.  The events range from conferences with world leaders, to adventures in the rainforest to learn about the environment.

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The goal of the Youth Ambassador Program is to create and promote a forum in which youth worldwide learn, explore and act together in ways which insure that our planet remains a safe and healthy place to live.

The World Trust Foundation began a program on Earth Day, Spring, 2000, in Los Angeles California U.S.A. called "La Jeunesse et la Technologie," or: "Kids & Technology - Youth Ambassador Program."

Youth from the age of 16-20 were given the opportunity to become Youth Ambassadors for the World Trust Foundation. Once chosen as a finalist, the youth were required to go through a series of interviews and write an essay to show their dedication and commitment to the Program. From this event the Foundation chose their first Youth Ambassador for Social Change, Miss Annie Bird from Santa Monica California U.S.A. Her first job as a Youth Ambassador was to travel to Geneva, Switzerland and participate in the Youth Empowerment Summit 2000!

The Youth Ambassadors are chosen for academic merit and their dedication to planet earth and people of all cultures. The World Trust Foundation vision is to have Youth Ambassadors from every country. As the number of Youth Ambassadors grows, they plan to link them together through the Internet, so they can unilaterally work from their prospective countries, as well as gather in person for an annual summit.  Some of their duties as Youth Ambassadors is to help the Foundation create programs for school age children and to act as mentors for them.

The Foundation plans to eventually include each of the following Youth Ambassador categories worldwide:

    • Youth Ambassador for Education
    • Youth Ambassador for Social Change
    • Youth Ambassador for Culture
    • Youth Ambassador for Environment
    • Youth Ambassador for the Animal Kingdom & Endangered Species

    • Youth Ambassador for Technology

Some of the programs they will be working on for the next three years or so include:

  • helping to discover environmental solutions
  • studying politics
  • creating awareness of world issues through music, art and dance.
One of the great benefits of being a Youth Ambassador is that the Foundation takes them on trips to countries around the world!  The Foundation documents and video tapes each trip and produces "interactive experiences" (such as webcasts) for educational channels and virtual classrooms. They are able to link their Youth Ambassadors in "real time" on the Internet, by using streaming technologies and satellites.

Through these online connections, children around the world are provided with a safe place to communicate with their peers from other cultures, and an opportunity to make an impact in their own country. Young people can develop online communities with their peers who have access to a computer and the Internet, either in their home, school, or village. They are able to participate in chat rooms, exchange e-mail and build their own web sites together. They are even able to collaborate to create music and art from several different countries at once!

While the program enables a limited number of young people to travel wtih the Foundation, students from all over the world with access to the Internet are encouraged to participate.  For more information, contact the Foundation (see contact information below.)

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The two 2001 World Trust Foundation Youth Ambassadors for the Environment are both very bright, hard-working and dedicated environmentalists.  Each of them was chosen for their work to help save our environment, but each has found their own unique way to do so!


Aaron Yamagata, age 10
Youth Ambassador for the Environment

Meet Aaron Yamagata, amazing 10 year old Youth Ambassador for the Environment for 2001 and artist extraordinaire!  Aaron was chosen as the Youth Ambassador for the Environment for his work with the Department of Energy in Washington D.C. and for using his art to help educate youth worldwide about environmental concerns.

Amazing Aaron's art has also been published by Hallmark and is used by UNICEF to help raise funds for improverished children around the world.  He has appeared on several television shows, including Nickelodeon, Good Morning America and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno! 

Most recently, Aaron won the grand prize in the Amazing Kids! Earth Day 2001 Poster Design Contest!  His winning poster will be on display with the other winners at an international children's arts festival this summer in Hong Kong!  His award-winning art is also featured on a kids' limited edition collector plate offered by the national restaurant chain, "The Old Spaghetti Factory," to raise funds for children's museums across the United States.  

Aaron sums up his love of art and helping the world by saying:  "Art is my way of speaking to the world from my heart."

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Have you ever thought about what you could do at home or at school to help make a difference and save the environment?  Well, industrious Deborah Jarrett, a high school student from Los Angeles, California did.  She came up with an idea to start a recycling program at her high school!  Deborah has also been recognized by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) for her work as part of their "Green Power" Program!

Deborah's hard work and dedication is an inspiration to her fellow students and peers, and helped catch the attention of the World Trust Foundation in selecting her to be one of the amazing World Trust Youth Ambassadors for the Environment for 2001!  Way to go, Deborah!  We hope your hard work and caring attitude inspires many kids who might be reading this story about you to start their own recycling program at their school too!

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To read more about the World Trust Youth Ambassador Program or to find out how you can qualify to become next year's Youth Ambassadors, visit the World Trust website:

Read a message from the World Trust Foundation founder, Tess Cacciatore:

World Trust Foundation Contact Information:



World Trust Foundation
11839 Magnolia Bl.
Suite 12
Valley Village, CA 91607

Phone:  818-766-2181

Fax:  818-769-0812

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