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Amazing Kids! of the Month for June, 1999: 
Club Wild and Pfeiffer Flight School Students at Hannan Academy, Columbus, Georgia, and Pfeiffer Elementary School, San Antonio, Texas!
This month we celebrate the amazing love and dedication
of elementary school students from Georgia and Texas 
who adopted an injured hawk and helped release it back into the wild! 

Last Chance Forever: 
Students Reaching Out to Help Save Birds of Prey

 "Touch...with your heart." 

- John Karger, Master Falconer and Rehabilitator of Birds of Prey
  Last Chance Forever, a Bird of Prey Conservancy

Mr. Karger tells amazing Club Wild members
about how they can help save a bird of prey
"Dear Mr. Karger,

One thing I will always remember is learning about raptors. I think it is sad that some birds die. I hope the birds get well. I am happy that you are saving them."

-    Second grade student at Pfeiffer Elementary School, San Antonio, Texas

"Dear Mr. Karger,

The show was great and amazing. I learned about the way golden eagles hunt for their prey. I didn't know they use their feet for weapons. I will not forget the golden eagle."

- - Second grade student at Pfeiffer Elementary School, San Antonio, Texas

"I just can't tell you how much our students learned from this project. As teachers, we can stand up and talk about how important it is for us to preserve our natural resources until we are blue in the face. But because they actually experienced this, our students will never forget how they made 
a difference in the life of a very beautiful creature."

-  Diane Haskell, teacher at Hannan Academy, Columbus, Georgia

"We have all been truly 'uplifted' by the events that have transpired this past school year.  Watching the children's eyes and smiles, and listening to their cheers of excitement when they saw the video of the hawk's release is truly an inspiration - and a reminder.  A reminder that we must give children the open doors that will allow them to make worthwhile achievements,  and the opportunities for them to know what it feels like to be responsible for making everlasting impressions on others."

-  Dradyn Hinson, teacher at Hannan Academy, Columbus, Georgia

"The children who are here on this earth need you...and in some ways, the ones who are 
not here yet need you even more... because you hold their future in your passion and optimism and hope for their parents who are but small children today."

-  A parent of a Hannan Academy student

This month, Amazing Kids!  is proud to honor the amazing love and dedication of students at Hannan Academy in Georgia, and Pfeiffer Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas.  With great love in their hearts for all wildlife and for our Earth, the amazing students at Hannan Academy adopted an injured hawk so it could be healed and rehabilitated, and released back into the wild, its natural habitat.  Then, the amazing kids from Pfeiffer linked up with Hannan's students in an Internet project, using CUSeeMe (video conferencing technology for the Internet), to share in the experience.

Using the Internet, the Hannan students shared their story about adopting a hawk with the students from Pfeiffer.  When the hawk was finally ready to be released in Texas, the Pfeiffer kids volunteered their help.  Since Texas was too far for the Hannan students to travel, the Pfeiffer students pitched in, and went to the site where the hawk was going to be released.  They cheered on the hawk as he once again was able to fly free!  And they video taped the release, so the Hannan students could watch their adopted hawk be released.

These amazing Hannan students in Club Wild are already planning their next 'Adopt-a-Hawk" program!  And the amazing Pfeiffer elementary students were so excited and touched by their experience that their school is going to start a similar  "Adopt-a-Hawk" program next year! 

Read their inspiring stories below, and who knows?  Maybe you'll want to help adopt a hawk, or another bird of prey too! 

Table of Contents

How It All Began

Club Wild's Adventure: Two Hannan Academy teachers tell their story!

Pfeiffer Flight School

Hooray For Excellence!

Name the Birds of Prey:  Do you know the names of all the different birds of prey?  Do you know how many there are? Click here to find out!

Watch a 5-second Mpg Movie of a Bay-Winged Hawk! (also known as a Harris' hawk).  These birds are found in South Texas and Mexico.  The glove you will see on the hand of the "handler" in the movie is called a "gauntlet."

A Picture of a "Flight Chamber" for Birds of Prey - This is where the sick or injured birds exercise their wings, to get ready for their release back into the wild.

A Picture of #693, just after surgery

A Picture of #693, Master Falconer John Karger and Hannan Academy 
    Teacher Diane Haskell - This picture was taken just before they released #693!

Links to More Amazing Information

Links to Websites about Raptors and Rehabilitation

Janey & Petey Love Birds of Prey Too!

Meet Janey, 
an adorable Jack Russell dog

Meet Petey,
a cute & cuddly American Bulldog
Janey and Petey love to help protect birds of prey! 

Want to know more about how you can help sick or injured birds of prey?  Email them your questions at:

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