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Each month, we showcase kids who are accomplishing amazing things.  We hope that by telling their special stories, we will inspire other kids to accomplish their own amazing achievements. 

Amazing Kids! of the Month for July, 1999: 
The Amazing Students at Pocantico Hills School, Sleepy Hollow, New York!
This month we celebrate the amazing work
of elementary school students from Pocantico Hills School! 

This month, Amazing Kids!  is pleased to tell the world about the amazing work of the students at Pocantico Hills School, in Sleepy Hollow, New York.

These amazing kids, along with the help of their amazing teachers, created some awesome reports, stories, poems, pictures, maps, charts, timelines (and more!), to help teach other kids about the amazing things they have been learning in school!  They have received many, many thank you letters and emails from kids and adults around the world, thanking them for sharing wonderful and exciting new information that they never knew before!

Check out their amazing webpages below, and who knows?  Maybe you'll create the next amazing educational website for kids!

Table of Contents

Please note:  Many of the following links are to the Pocantico Hills School website.  If you want to return to this story on the Amazing Kids! Webspace, don't forget to click on the "Back" button of your web browser until you're back where you started. (

About Pocantico Hills School

Amazing Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad - Do you know who Harriet Tubman was?  What was her nickname?  What was the Underground Railroad?  Check out these amazing webpages created by the second grade students of Mrs. Hongell's and Mrs. Taverna's 1997-1998 classes.  Some of the amazing things you will find there:

  • Visit their timeline which tells about the life of Harriet Tubman
  • Read their character sketches about Harriet Tubman
  • Take an on-line quiz about Harriet Tubman that Mrs.Taverna's class wrote just for you. 
  • Here are some crossword puzzles the class wrote 
  • Read their amazing poems about Harriet Tubman. 
  • Cabin where Harriet Tubman and other slaves lived

    Amazing Webpages on Dinosaurs! - Learn all about dinosaurs from Mrs. Shaul's amazing 1st grade class of 1998-1999.

    Charlotte's Web- Everybody loves Charlotte's Web.  Weave your way through this amazing web created by Mrs. Taverna's 2nd grade class of 1998-1999!

    Children's Encylopedia of Women - Can you name some amazing women from history?
    This amazing encyclopedia about women was written by third and fourth grade students at Pocantico Hills School! 

    Eighth Grade Amazing Art Exhibit! - Check out some amazing art by Pocantico Hills 8th graders in their 1999 exhibition entitled: Memories, Dreams & Fantasy.

    Learn about Tibet - Do you know where Tibet is? Do you know what a "mandala" is? Find out by visiting this amazing webpage by the Pocantico Hills fifth grade classes !

    Nutrition for Children - Do you know what vitamins are found in a mango? Did you know that potatoes contain fiber? Mrs. Rollman's first grade class did an amazing job in their report on nutrition. But watch out!  It may make you hungry! 

    Our Weather Page - What are clouds?  Why does it rain?  Learn all about the Weather by reading the amazing Weather Book by Mrs. Rollman's first grade class! 

    Pocantico Nature Trail- Follow this fun nature trail created by amazing students from Mrs.   Mrs. Fitzgerald's 1998 - 1999 Second Grade Class.  Click on the pictures to learn about the kinds of animals and the types of places you can find on the trail! 

    Take a Tour of the USA! - An amazing report about some of the states in the United States, created by the fourth graders in the classes of Mrs. Almeida, Mrs. Coffey, and Mrs. Lebenson.

    Vietnam - A Children's Guide - Learn about the country of Vietnam in this amazing report by Mrs. Taverna's and Mrs. Hongell's amazing second grade students!  Do you know how many days Vietnamese kids go to school each week?  You may be surprised to find out! 

    Visit Latin America:  Where is Latin America? Do you know the names of the countries in Latin America?  Find out here in these amazing letters written by the fifth graders in Mrs. Fleischman's and  Miss Garrido's classes. 

    We Interpret Famous Paintings - Read the amazing stories written by Mrs. Sbarra's 1998-99 3rd grade class!  These amazing students chose a famous painting, and then wrote a story based on what they saw in the painting. 

    Wow!  Even More Amazing Pocantico Student Projects! - You won't believe how many amazing students and amazing student projects there are at Pocantico Hills School!  Check it out!

    Related Amazing Links

    Pocantico Hills School Website  - Find out what's new at Pocantico Hills School! 

    The Early History of the Pocantico Area - Read about what it was like in Pocantico many, many years ago.  Can you name the two Native American tribes who lived in the Pocantico area before the European explorers arrived?  Do you know the name of the first European man to see the Pocantico Hills?

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