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Amazing Kids! of the Month

Amazing Kids! is proud to highlight the Amazing Kids! of the Month!

Each month, we showcase kids who are accomplishing amazing things.  We hope that by telling their special stories, we will inspire other kids to accomplish their own amazing achievements. 

Amazing Kids! of the Month for August, 1998: 
Saint Joseph Ballet, Santa Ana, California
Saint Joseph Ballet is a ballet school and dance company located in the heart of some of the toughest inner-city neighborhoods in Southern California.  For 15 years, Saint Joseph Ballet has worked with the youth in the area to offer them a creative alternative to gangs, drugs, teenage pregnancy and latch-key loneliness.  With a majority of the dance students on scholarship, Saint Joseph Ballet has empowered at-risk youth to gain self-esteem, self-discipline and a sense of accomplishment.  With impassioned, dedicated artistic director Beth Burns at the helm, the company has received national recognition for artistic and program excellence.  To date, over 32,000 inner-city youth have been reached through Saint Joseph Ballet's dance training, performing and outreach programs. 

For more information about Saint Joseph Ballet, contact Cathy Michaels at: (714) 541-8314. 
For Saint Joseph Ballet event information, call: (714) 541-8314, ext. 60. 


Calling All Amazing Kids!  We Need Your Help!

If you are, or know any kids who are, doing amazing things, we want to hear about it

We will try to put your story on the website, or possibly in our educational television program, but please be patient...there are LOTS of great stories out there...but only one"Amazing Kids! of the Month" story per month.  We would love to be able to print everyone's storytoday, but it is not possible. 

Please be patient, and we will do our best to tell your story some day -- hopefully soon! 

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